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Peter is a Business Improvement Specialist who has the unique ability to work simultaneously on the "conscious" (left brain, rational) aspects of business with his Clients, and those "unconscious" (right brain, holistic) aspects of their personality that often sabotage the best of their rational intentions. Peter is an expert in change and growth management, and nowhere is this more graphically illustrated than in his own progression from brickies' laborer and truck driver, to law student; court reporter; TAFE Head Teacher; automotive transmission specialist; high-performance vehicle developer; engineer, designer & manufacturer; business founder (6 of them); franchise developer; fitness equipment designer & manufacturer; health club owner (he is a former State Heavyweight Powerlifting Champion); computer systems designer & educator; professional public speaker, motivator & workshop facilitator; e-commerce systems designer, and author.

Adding to his wealth of experience, Peter has more than 25 years in production and presentation to camera of both commercial advertisements and training concepts.

These days, Peter remains the Managing Director of a business systems, training and accrediting Business Improvement Specialists in a unique training and coaching systems. He maintains a boutique clientele of corporate and small business coaching Clients whom he says "keep him grounded"; is a sought-after keynote presenter for business conferences; and continues to develop and deliver a broad range of results-oriented skills training for business, government and corporate clients throughout Australia and overseas.

Peter's book is "Solving the People Puzzle". In addition to this Peter has also written 10 Business Training Manuals, 5 Business Coaching Manuals and over 17 E-books on a variety of business topics including sales and lead generation tips.

Popular topics:

Leadership in 6 V's

The things that they don't teach at the Harvard School of Business (and that you won't learn in the School of Hard Knocks). Every team leader needs to know the 5 V's that form their Job Description.


Meeting Halfway

How do you disagree without being disagreeable? How do you get the best price - always? How do you get what you want? Why "negotiation" is one of the least practiced business skills - and yet one of the most fun and easiest to master. And one that offers instant payoffs!


Goal Setting for Business

The reasoning behind Vision, Mission and Purpose statements; what they were really meant to deliver. Creates clarity about who should be doing what and how, at every level of the team.


Values in Business

Why Values matter in a business; how to elicit them from the team; how to gain buy in; how to equip every person in the business with an in-built compass which points to 'the right thing".


Fit for Business

If you don't have a pulse you don't need a profit. There is not much point being rich and dead, so here's the clearest picture you will ever gain of how your mind and body can be used to the best effect, in a business context.


Dashboard Design

Business isn't complicated - people make it that way! How to reduce the clutter and detail of the engine room of your business to a few simple key performance indicators and speed up your perception of opportunities, and your ability to make informed decisions.


Building Systems-based Businesses

Understanding the role of systems in powering the reduction of expenses and the growth of revenue, productivity and profits. Where to start and how to develop great, simple systems.


Growing Pains

Why do most businesses fail to make the leap beyond 5 employees to teams of 20 or 200? The answers are stunningly simple - to grasp and to apply.


The Great Escape

You've built a great business, now how do you cash in and get out - alive - to enjoy the fruits of your labors? A positive and stimulating look at why you get into business in the first place; and how to run a business as though you were getting ready to sell it.


Custom Topics

Peter will create and tailor presentations to achieve the desired end result you need.



Peter is a dynamic and engaging presenter who picks up his audience and carries them with him on a journey of discovery. When he puts them down again, everything looks different.
- GM, Leading Edge Telecoms

Peter has that rare ability to seize an audience with his enthusiasm; build a castle in front of them with his words - and then persuade them to live in it ever after! Our team started to change the day after attending a single 3-hour presentation with him.

On behalf of Lifeline Gold Coast, I would like to thank you for the amazing job you did at the launch of our Business Lifeline seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and was inundated with positive remarks from colleagues and attendees singing your praise. The presentation was interactive and very engaging. I truly believe each person who attended will be able to take something that they will incorporate into their business from your stimulus.
- GM, Peter Loughnane

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