Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group, Peter Sheahan is known internationally for his innovative business thinking and thought leadership. With staff in more than 23 cities across 7 countries, he knows firsthand the challenges of growing a business in these rapidly-changing times.
Peter has advised leaders from companies as diverse as Apple, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Hyundai, IBM, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, and Cardinal Health. He is the author of 7 books, including Flip, Generation Y, Making it Happen, and the soon to be released Matter.

Peter has delivered more than 2,500 presentations to over 500,000 people in 20 different countries, and he has been named one of the 25 Most Influential Speakers in the World by the National Speakers Association, and is the youngest person ever to be inducted into their industry Hall of Fame.



MATTER: Create more value, move beyond the competition and become the obvious choice! How do you become the obvious choice in the hearts and minds of your customers, employees and community? The answer is value. You either create more value than your competitors or you don’t. The more important question is how? In this highly-strategic, case study rich session, Peter will unpack how to:

  • Identify your most valuable edge of disruption
  • Escape commoditization and compete beyond price
  • Become the disruptor not the disrupted
  • Lean into complexity and solve higher order problems
  • Become a thought leader in your marketplace and influence more senior buyers


If the only way to get to Carnegie Hall is to practice, practice, practice, then the only way to make it happen is to execute, execute, execute. The world isn't short of new ideas. It is short of people with ability to turn these good ideas into reality. It is as though we have lost our commercial savvy!

Making it happen will bring it back and outline the 5 competencies we must all master if we are to execute on our new ideas and plans for change. Specifically it will:

  • Expose the #1 mistake we make when trying to execute on our ideas
  • Unpack the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience offering insight into how people buy and show you how to better position your offer to align with buyers needs
  • Influence a buyer to not only want what you sell, but to want it from YOU
  • Show you how to leverage personal brands for greater commercial success
  • Massively accelerate your impact through scale, leverage and brand platform

MINDS UNLEASHED -Interactive Experiences which drew the ideas out of you OWN people

If everyone in your team knew what everyone else in your team knows you would be unstoppable! From time-to-time it is not a fresh injection of ideas that you need, but rather an experience which draws out the best new ideas from the people already in your world.

In a structured facilitation your best and brightest talent will get the chance to share their thoughts and ideas on the business, the challenges it faces and the opportunities it is yet to exploit.

These highly collaborative and culture-building experiences will:

  • Reveal innovative solutions to real challenges you face
  • Give you access to the experience and insight garnered from working with leadership teams around the world to kick start and provoke the thinking of your team
  • Create an opportunity to question the very assumptions which underpin your approach to business and to dig deeper and reveal new ways to find and extract value from your organization

NEXT GEN PROFITS - Attract,engage and profit from the next generation of customers and talent:

Generation Y represents one the most lucrative opportunities open to business today. Whether you want to unleash their creativity at work, get your share of the $200bn plus they spend annually, or align yourself to profit from the $17.8 trillion they will inherit, you will need a fresh approach to branding, sales and leadership.

Human needs never change, but our definitions of whether those needs are being met change dramatically based on how we were brought up. If you are going to attract and retain the new generation as customers, members and staff you will need to understand their new perspectives and definitions. This session will:

  • Give you insight into the REAL differences between generations
  • Outline specific strategies for attracting and engaging Gen Y as customers and/or staff
  • Present case studies from around the world of organizations who have profitably engaged this new generation
  • Move beyond 'technology' hype and focus on opportunities which align with your desired culture and business model


Four forces of change have worked to completely redefine the global marketplace. Increasing expectations, accountability, complexity, and compression of time and space have created a business climate where competitive advantage is often intangible and quickly eroded, and the need to innovate product lines and processes is constant. Leaders today must recognise that ?business as usual? is a redundant concept and the successful businesses of tomorrow will be built on a platform of courageous leadership, innovation and change. Flip is a proactive philosophy that will position you and your organisation as the force of change in the market and not just someone who responds to change. The key concepts include:

  • How the four forces of change are impacting your industry and what it means for your organisation
  • The expectations and motivations of today?s customers and staff and an insight into where they will sit tomorrow
  • Why you no longer own your brand and how you can flip it to your advantage
  • Co-creation and the importance of collaborating with your clientele, competitors and the wider market
  • Why the superficial differentiators are becoming front and centre
  • Capturing market share, and creating new markets through innovation and a willingness to take risks in fringe and niche markets


The worsening skills shortage and a rapidly ageing population mean organisations must compete aggressively to attract and retain the best talent. Gone are the days when you simply placed an ad in your local paper and got bombarded by quality applicants who would be grateful for such an opportunity. Today, the quality candidate is more likely to interview YOU, as they decide whether you are the organisation (of the 4 or 5 they have offers from) that they want to work for. 

It IS possible to overcome the odds and make yourself a magnet for the best talent, but to do this and get ahead in these trying times you need to work on building a powerful employer brand that screams opportunity and prestige.

Peter's informative and interactive session will:

  • Present the case for building an employer brand and offer a compelling series of inter-industry case studies to show just how powerful a strategically positioned employer brand can be
  • Provide you with a model so you can begin to discover your value proposition and start defining your employer brand
  • Give you ideas on how to market that brand in both the local and wider community, setting yourself on the path to becoming an employer of choice
  • Increase your understanding of the changing nature of the American workforce, and what you as a leader need to do to ensure your organisation remains agile, relevant and attractive in this increasingly competitive market.


Insightful, thought provoking and inspiring.
- QLD Government

Not only was Peter entertaining but he was able to communicate with staff of all ages, giving 30 of our most promising staff valuable tools to take away and make a part of their work and personal lives.
- Woolworths Limited

Peter clearly spent a great deal of time researching CPA Australia and as a result we were rewarded with an insightful and inspiring presentation that was specifically tailored to our audience. I have heard many motivational speeches but none of them have left such a lasting impression on me as Peter's.
- CPA Australia

Our staff left Peter's presentation not only inspired by where the company is going, but by Peter himself. Peter's presentation has clearly made an impact on their attitude and performance. His professionalism and absolute focus on the objective helped create real shifts in the mindset of our people.
- Panasonic Australia

Peter's ongoing consulting with the Director's of this company has been invaluable. He constantly forces us to look at our business in new and exciting ways. His regular presentations to the staff from our various offices keep them inspired and aligned with the strategic direction of our company
- Wilkinsons Real Estate Agencies

Peter gripped our 1100 strong audience with his brilliant manner and information. He has a wonderful energy that connects with his audience
- Step To The Future Youth Forums

Your work is a beacon of light amongst the overflow of stale information that lacks both depth and value.
- Advertise Limited

Your presentation was relevant and practical and provided unique insights into both Gen Y and others close to that age group. Our business leaders are still talking about it now and it is over a week since your presentation. I would highly recommend you to any organisation that needs to better understand young people in business
- Business Mentor Services

Peter's presentation provided a unique insight into Generation Y and provided our staff with clear strategies for communicating better with them. Overall, a thoroughly professional performance delivered in a highly enjoyable manner.
- TAFE Queensland

Your energy and initiative, and practical tips were very well received. You drew praise on almost every participant's evaluation. Well done on an entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking presentation.
- University of Western Sydney

Your presentation about Generation Y at our recent breakfast has generated much discussion amongst those who attended. I know of two organisations who have already made changes to the way they interact within their business as a direct result of your recommendations. You certainly are a master at communicating your message. We already have plans to have you back twice in 2005.
- Southern Inland Queensland Area Consultative Committee Inc

Peter received an overwhelming response from the audience.
- Event Planners Australia

I have no hesitation recommending Peter to anyone wanting to fast-track the success of their key performers.
- Talent and Organisational Performance Manager, Glaxo Smith Kline

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