Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson is a well known broadcaster, speaker and facilitator.

Peter hostedthe ABC TV program Talking Heads - a series of conversations about the lives of prominent Australians which is now in its fifth year. Peter presented Radio Nationals Breakfast for eight years and the flagship current affairs program AM for six years.

Peter is a Fellow of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, teaching executive programs in communication and public policy and is an adjunct Professor at Macquarie University. He holds a Master of Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

As Director of the Centre for Leadership, which provides communication advice to public and private sector organisations, Peter has addressed audiences on topics such as communication, behavioural change, social marketing, and ethics and the media.He regularly conducts Hypotheticals.

His front-line roles for 20 years in radio and television have made him a highly-recognisable and welcome guest at conferences at events where audiences are keen to share their experiences in listening and watching his programmes.

Peter is often called on to speak on topics such as leadership, the art of persuasion and communication, following the success of his books Persuading Aristotle, and The Secrets of the Great Communicators.

Now, in line with the Centre for Leadership's broadening range of expertise and interests, Peter has been addressing audiences on topics such as behavioural change, social cohesion, global warming, social marketing, and ethics and the media.

Peter's style is interactive and warm, and his presentations are backed by high impact audio visual materials.

Your Power to Persuade
The Five Secrets of Business Presentations

Your ability to present to and persuade others is the key factor in your promotion prospects. This seminar will give you the know how and tutoring to be an excellent business presenter. You will use the seminar time to build and rehearse your next presentation. You take home a video of your own performances and the confidence of knowing you have made a life changing investment in your own communication powers.

The Astute Negotiator

We negotiate every day at work and at home but few people ever stop to learn the fundamentals of how to steer towards agreement. You will work on a fascinating case study, which reveals how to apply the best strategy and tactics to your own negotiating challenges. The seminar is guaranteed to help you close your next deal.

Handling the Media
To Get Your Message Across

Don't risk talking to a journalist without media training. Journalists are trained to extract information, which may be against your interests to disclose. This seminar will build your sense of control in dealing with journalists. You will learn how to communicate a positive message to newspapers, radio and television. Seize the opportunity to learn first hand from one of Australia's most respected journalists and teachers. Feel what it is like to perform under studio lights, going head to head with Peter Thompson. Take home the video of your performances and the confidence to know you can do.


"The feedback on the panel sessions has been very strong... The firm really values the relationship it has established with you... the generous contribution that you made to us and BD's development has been widely regarded by the partners as outstanding."
- John Atkin, (former) Blake Dawson Managing Partner

"I just can't thank you enough for your delivery at the forum. I only now have the formal feedback and it was extraordinary. It confirms the buzz of the night and all the follow up contacts I've recieved. The event was rated in our top 3 out of over 300 and you earnt great recognition and applause."
- Jon Mason, Tasmanian Dept State and Regional Development

"For two years in a row now, Peter has handled his role as MC facilitator with sensitivity and professional aplomb. Peter is in a of his own as a corporate MC/interviewer. He digs deep and drills into the key issues. If any client is looking for a frothy, shallow MC, don't chose Peter Thompson! If you're looking for a brave, intelligent, insightful MC, Peter Thompson is your man."
- Australian Business Theatre

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Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson

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