Peter Thorpe

Australia - NSW
Peter Thorpe started his career in sales at the age of eighteen. By the time he was thirty, he had become the General Manager of Sharp Corporation of Australia. He left Sharp to start his own business and since then, he has been a retailer, an importer and has operated his own advertising business.
In 1988, with no previous experience in publishing, he decided to start his own magazine. Called "Australian Small Business Review" it was based on his personal experience gained while starting and running various businesses himself. It was an outstanding success and he was eventually bought out by a large publishing house.

His book Small Business Street Smarts, has now sold over 18,000 copies and his latest work, Search Engine Secrets is destined to also join the best seller list.

In 1997, he started his own Internet Development company where he helps businesses both large and small with their online marketing.


The Online Marketing Revolution
Without doubt, online marketing and the use of email is the most cost effective form of marketing today. Both as a sales generator and as an important retention tool, replacing more costly traditional customer management programs. Learn how you can effectively harness this highly responsive and cost effective new medium in your business.

This action-packed presentation covers both the technology and the marketing strategy and tells you how to successfully introduce online marketing to your business.

Topics covered will teach you to:

  • Write great messages that deliver and increases response

  • Build a successful list of potential new clients

  • Calculate the ROI (return on investment) of your Email campaign

  • Nourish customer relationships and generate new leads

  • Understand online marketing and how to use it

  • Create great looking html emails (emails with pictures) that get immediate attention

The Internet for Non-Nerds
A "not too technical" look at the Internet. What's it all about and more importantly, how can you use it to increase your business, build loyalty and reduce your costs. This session looks at how the Internet is impacting on business and how you can use it to your advantage.

Marketing on the Internet
Marketing on the Internet requires a totally different approach to conventional marketing. How can you use this powerful medium to increase your business? What works and what doesn't work and what is the secret of successful Intent marketing?
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