Phil worked in the investment industry for 19 years where he oversaw $50 billion of investments. He left that 'comfortable' life in 2007 to work on methods for tackling social and environmental challenges through core and profitable business, and was invited by Harvard Business School’s Professor Michael Porter and Mark Kramer to Boston in 2013 to help develop this field.

Phil has since become a leading author of case studies and the book, Connecting Profit With Purpose, and has frequently been called upon to facilitate collective approaches to complex social challenges.

His clients include small-medium enterprises through to multi-national corporations and everything in between, and has extensive experience working with not-for-profit organisations, peak bodies and governments.

As a speaker and facilitator, he distills years of experience into actionable learning, making use of storytelling, audience interaction and a splash of dry humour.

Outside of work he is enthusiastic about coffee, chocolate and trail running.

Speaking topics

Winning in the new economy

Purpose-led approaches create resilience, performance and competitive advantage

In our complex, crowded and connected world, we face enormous social and ecological challenges that influence consumer behaviours and their expectations of companies. Business as usual is no longer an option, so, how do you respond?

Purpose-led approaches provide companies with resilience, high-performance and competitive advantage. This is what it takes to win in the new economy, and leaders are asking:

  • How do we develop our purpose-led approach?
  • How does it improve our performance and profitability?
  • How do we navigate this together?

As an expert in this field, Phil helps inform, inspire and engage your people in the purpose-led journey, with audiences discovering:

  • How purpose creates value for businesses
  • Case studies of successful purpose-led companies
  • The essential foundations for success
  • A 5-step checklist for moving forward

Winning in the New Economy can be a stand-alone keynote, a master class or session tailored to your needs. This is cutting edge content for executives, leaders and senior managers that can be delivered online or in-person.

Putting purpose into practice

Harnessing the power of purpose for high-performance outcomes

We wouldn't set sail without a rudder, so why would we expect companies without purpose to perform well?

Leading companies are responding to seismic shifts in consumer and community expectations with purpose-led models, but it's not enough to just have a statement, it must be put into practice. Switched on executives are asking:

  • Do we have a good quality purpose statement?
  • How should it be adding value to our business?
  • Is it energising our people or being ignored?
  • How can we embed purpose into everything we do?

As the author of Connecting Profit with Purpose and a report ranking top-50 company purpose statements, Phil helps audiences by outlining:

  • How purpose reduces risk and creates value
  • The 5 factors that make up a great purpose statement
  • Case studies of leading purpose-led companies
  • A blueprint for embedding purpose in your business

This is essential content for directors, executives and managers who want to be seen and admired as new economy leaders.

Putting Purpose into Practice can be delivered in-person or online, and is perfect as a stand-alone keynote, a master class or session tailored to your needs. 

The purposeful leader is the best leader – is that you?

Unlocking the full potential of your talent through purpose

The first leader that people encounter is very influential in shaping their performance. What if every one of your leaders could embody the true purpose of your business, unlocking the full potential of their teams?

Studies show that purpose drives high-performance, raising questions such as:

  • Why does purpose matter?
  • How does it link to performance?
  • What must leaders do to capture the benefits?

In this keynote suited to our times, audiences learn:

  • How purpose drives outperformance
  • What it means to be a purposeful leader
  • Case studies of leaders and organisations
  • A framework for moving from intent to action
  • 7 step checklist for role-modelling purpose

As the author of Connecting Profit with Purpose and the Corporate Purpose Blueprint, Phil delivers essential content to help your people build and reinforce a bullet-proof culture.

This keynote can be delivered in-person or online, as a workshop, working session or leadership program content.

Demystifying shared value strategies

Finding new sources of innovation and competitive advantage

If purpose is the why, then 'shared value' is the how – it is the means for connecting profit with purpose.

We have long thought of social investments and sustainability initiatives as 'doing the right thing' or preserving licence to operate instead of seeing them as sources of competitive advantage.

The 'shared value' concept, defined by Harvard's Professor Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, provides the link between societal progress and profitable business, and Phil unpacks it for audiences in a user-friendly way.

In this compelling presentation audiences learn:

  • What shared value is and who is doing it well
  • How it creates competitive advantage
  • How it is different to philanthropy and CSR
  • Where the opportunities lie in your industry
  • 5 methods for finding your best ideas

This will energise and engage your people, and the content is tailored to your sector and industry. It's essential knowledge for boards, executives and leaders who need be at the cutting edge of strategy.

Leading collaborative change

How to mobilise people & organisations for collaborative success

When your projects and initiatives pull together a range of people, engage with potential partners and have a due date of yesterday, you can't afford to get off on the wrong foot!

How do you reduce the risk of going over time, over budget and falling short of expectations? It comes down to the following foundations:

  • Instilling the right mindset and skills
  • Creating buy-in and trust with group members; and
  • Clarity of purpose and managing competing interests

Phil draws on his experience facilitating complex team, project and partnership collaborations to provide the guidance your people need.

In this insightful session, audiences discover:

  • How collaboration delivers high performance
  • Case studies of successful teams and projects
  • The 3 foundations for effective collaboration

This presentation equips your people with guidance they can use again and again to improve their team and project effectiveness.

Leading Collaborative Change can be delivered in-person or online, and is perfect as a stand-alone keynote, workshop or tailored working session.

How to contribute something great

why? Because doing good may not be enough for your best talent!

With so many social and environmental challenges to deal with, your people may feel overwhelmed, frustrated and wonder: what difference can I make?

They find it hard to reconcile 'making a difference' with the demands of their day job, complain they have little spare time and compromise their personal values when they come to work.

This seemingly impossible challenge can be solved and it is accessible to everyone.

You don't need to create a startup unicorn, win Olympic gold or climb Mt Everest, because Phil outlines how you can go beyond 'good' and contribute something great.

In this inspiring presentation, audiences discover:

  1. Different ways they can make an impact
  2. The 3 ingredients for contributing something great
  3. How to create an effective action plan

This presentation is well suited to professionals looking for more purpose in their busy lives, and Phil provides the formula and challenges them to take the next step.

Imagine the uplift in your employer brand you'll generate?

Contribute Something Great is perfect as a stand-alone conference keynote, seminar, workshop or coaching for individuals and groups.


Phil’s engaging style, thought leadership and practical case studies added huge value to each delegate.
Australian Food & Grocery Council

There was great feedback from Phil’s session and plenty of notes taken – thank you for providing a great start to the day
EMT Forum Chair
Challenger Group

Great presentation. Really got me thinking on what might be possible on this front.
CEO attendee
Better Boards Conference

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