Phil Preston

Australia - NSW

Specialty Areas

Phil is a globally recognised expert on purpose trends and strategies who helps individuals, teams and organisations build resilience and growth with positive impact. Popular topics he presents on include:

  • Hardcoding Resilience & Growth (keynote)
  • Connecting Your People to Purpose (keynote / presenter)
  • Purpose exploration workshops (facilitator)
  • Purpose-led leadership programs (host / guide)
  • Strategy and team offsite sessions (host / facilitator / strategist)

Phil knows first-hand the pressures of managing high-performance teams spread across different locations from his former company roles. After a 19 year corporate career, he set up his own business and was invited by Harvard Business School's Professor Michael Porter and Mark Kramer to Boston to help form a global network of experts in the business purpose field.

He subsequently authored the book, Connecting Profit With Purpose and has recently been quoted in the special AFR report on purpose in business.

Phil's a keynote speaker, accredited master facilitator and adviser who's worked with organisations like BlueScope, CommBank, Challenger, IAG, JLL, NRMA, QBE and Westpac along with numerous not-for-profits, associations, peak bodies and government agencies.

Clients and audiences value his ability to deliver advanced concepts in easy-to-understand ways, injecting inspiration, motivation and humour in the process.

Phil hosts two podcasts: a short form weekly series called Business Purpose Trends and longer form interview format, Purpose Edge, exploring aspects of resilience, growth and purpose in the work and lives of interesting guests.

When time allows, he's watching Nordic Noir tv series or running the local trails in Bulli, near Sydney, Australia.

Speaking topics

Hardcoding Resilience & Growth

(from 45-min keynote to half or full day workshop)

Global challenges are reshaping society and the recipe for achieving success in business, while at the personal level, many people are feeling change-fatigued and anxious about their future.

How can individuals, teams and organisations stay positive and focused in these uncertain times?

Phil provides strategies for hardcoding resilience without trading off the energy and excitement that comes with high-performance and growth.

Audiences value his inspiring and engaging style as they discover:

  • What's fuelling these trends (and why they won't stop)
  • How to cut through complexity and uncertainty
  • The dimensions of purpose
  • 3 ingredients for hardcoding resilience and growth
  • How to increase impact and effectiveness.

This keynote gives your people the reassurance, confidence and motivation they need in taking on their greatest challenges, and is an ideal way of setting the scene for the conversations that follow.

Applying Purpose to Strategy

(Planning day session, tailored to need)

When purpose is clarified and well-implemented, it creates sustained competitive and performance advantages, but few businesses get it right.

Phil provides subject matter expertise, including:

  • Clarifying your current positioning
  • What to do, and what not to do!
  • Purpose as a lens for innovation

The practical realities of implementing purpose.

This is an opportunity to lift your strategic game to a whole new level and drive your business forward in a sustained and successful way.

Phil ensures his input is tailored to your industry and context to maximise his value-add to your process.

Purpose-led Leadership Program

(7 sessions, virtual or in-person)

In our increasingly purpose-driven world, leaders are critical in driving change, and they need to be on the same page to respond.

This 7-session program for cohorts (12 max) covers: Deep insights into all aspects of purpose-led leadership and business transformation Techniques for bringing others on the journey Forming realistic goals and an implementation plan

This is suited to enlightened leaders who intuitively sense 'what could be' with respect to purpose as a core driver of high performance and positive impact.

The format is flexible between in-person, virtual or a mix of the two.

Connecting Your People to Purpose

(From 45-min presentation to 2-hour interactive session)

Purpose at the core of business drives productivity, performance and positive cultures, however it's hard bringing all of these aspects together in a coherent way.

In this informative and engaging presentation, Phil provides insights into:

  • The 3 dimensions of purpose
  • Leading company case studies and talent strategies
  • Practical tips for aligning people to purpose

This is suited to executives, leaders and senior managers seeking to harness the power of purpose to engage, energise and empower high-performance workplaces.

It is the ideal launchpad for a deeper working session or facilitated discussion on the topic.

Purpose Exploration Workshop

(Facilitated half day, full day or retreat)

Leading companies are helping their people better understand meaning, purpose and direction - and the positive role work plays in that process.

In this empowering and interactive half or full day workshop, participant outcomes include:

  • Identifying what's important and reviewing priorities
  • Exploring connections between work and purpose
  • Creating a personal action plan

This workshop is suited to team members, managers and leaders, providing a positive focal point and unique bonding experience.

It is an effective way of engaging and investing in your people so they bring their best to work every day.


Your session really set the scene for the critical nature of purpose for our People Lead Team offsite.
General Manager, People, BlueScope

You've done an exceptional job, valuable personally and in terms of what we can do collectively.
Executive General Manager, Australian Unity

Phil's engaging style, thought leadership and practical case studies added huge value to each delegate.
Director, Australian Food & Grocery Council

The session was excellent, especially the quality of the case studies, slides, and Phil's facilitation.
National Manager, Learning & Teaching, Governance Institute of Australia

Phil's session was excellent - it hit the mark perfectly and got everyone in the room in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.
Divisional Chief Executive, Challenger Group

Perfectly framed for our audience and theme, as well as being thoughtful, insightful, inspiring and entertaining!
Director Executive Assistant Network

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