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Phil left his corporate career in 2007 to work on purpose-based challenges because purpose is the secret ingredient that helps people and organisations achieve extraordinary things.

However, it can feel out of reach for busy individuals whose day to day work lacks meaning and who view their job as a short-term ‘pay check’ or stepping stone to the next gig.

Helping them increase their sense of purpose unlocks health and wellbeing benefits, increases their engagement levels and drives strong work cultures.

Leaders across all sectors and industries are being challenged to inspire their people in their organisation’s purpose and yet they seldom have the right skills and tools to work with, and may be unclear how purpose differs from vision, mission and values.

Phil helps individuals, teams and organisations overcome these barriers to power up their purpose!

He's the founder of The Business Purpose Project, author of Connecting Profit with Purpose, co-host of Corporate Conversations on Purpose and host of Talking Purpose in Business & Life.

As a speaker and facilitator, he distills years of experience into actionable learning, making use of storytelling, audience interaction and a splash of dry humour. Outside of work he is enthusiastic about coffee, chocolate and trail running.

Speaking topics

Engaging your people in purpose

Current events are causing people to reflect on meaning and purpose, and increasing the risk of disengagement and resignation from work. What if you could engage them on a deeper level by helping them gain a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their everyday lives?

In this presentation geared towards executives, leaders and managers, audience members learn about:

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators for purpose
  • How generations see purpose differently
  • Different types of purposeful activities
  • Case studies of effective purpose strategies
  • 5 focal points for your organisational response

This equips your people with the practical guidance they need to increase engagement and strengthen your employee value proposition.

Powering up your purpose

Issues like the pandemic, climate change, geopolitics and personal challenges may be fuelling your desire for greater meaning and purpose – however achieving it can be hard, especially if you lead a busy or complex life.

What if you could improve your sense of meaning and purpose without quitting your day job, and potentially increasing your impact by 10x, 100x or even 1000x over?

In this highly motivating keynote, you will learn:

  • How to define purpose in your life
  • Methods for amplifying your impact
  • Inspirational examples of people achieving great things
  • How to create your ‘purpose plan‘
  • The one thing you should do every day!

This is a fantastic way of gaining direction and focus for a fulfilling life journey.

Demystifying business purpose statements

Customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders are increasingly scrutinising the purpose of businesses and organisations. However, there's a gap between saying you have a purpose and actually doing it, so how do you ensure it is authentic, robust and embraced by your workforce?

As a leading expert and author in this field, in this timely keynote audiences learn:

  • Why purpose is now critical to business success
  • Instructive examples of corporate purpose statements
  • The 5 essential features of great statements
  • Tips for communicating purpose
  • Where to focus next?

This keynote provides executives, leaders and managers with the confidence they need in creating powerful, purpose-based organisations.

How purpose drives performance & impact

The trend to purpose for individuals and organisations has materialised quickly, catching even seasoned operators off guard. The importance we attach to purpose today is far greater than that it has been in the past.

What is driving this trend? What does it mean for your performance, impact and future of your organisation as a whole?

As a leading expert in this field – and the author of Connecting Profit With Purpose – Phil helps you make sense of the trend, with audiences learning:

  • The powerful drivers of the trend
  • How purpose translates into performance and impact
  • Why responsible business is yesterday's news
  • Inspiring stories of world-changing businesses
  • A checklist for achieving success

This presentation provides the blueprint for business success in the years ahead – defining what's important and where you need to focus.


Phil’s engaging style, thought leadership and practical case studies added huge value to each delegate.
Australian Food & Grocery Council

There was great feedback from Phil’s session and plenty of notes taken – thank you for providing a great start to the day
EMT Forum Chair
Challenger Group

Great presentation. Really got me thinking on what might be possible on this front.
CEO attendee
Better Boards Conference

Phil Preston speaker

Speaker Video

Phil Preston - Speaker Reel Short Version

Phil Preston - Speaker Reel Short Version

Making Philanthropy Obsolete

Making Philanthropy Obsolete

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