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Philip Owens brings together the 'human dimension' of success behaviours and high performance in business, sport, relationships and life.  Globally sought after for his pragmatic, informed and entertaining approach, Philip demonstrates the principles of global leadership success through the human lens of individuals, teams and organisations.  Philip has carved a global path of success - adding over 2 billion Euros in value to international companies as head of global strategic marketing, setting up businesses from Tehran to Shanghai, coaching leaders in over 30 countries and winning awards for marketing and cultural change along the way.

Philip brings his unique world view and experience to create incredible, pragmatic models of success. 

Presentation and workshop options:

All presentations are customisable by industry, audience type, length of delivery and type of session (keynote, workshop, forum, lecture, facilitated team event, etc.

Energise your goals - from goal setting to real goal achievement.

Individuals, teams and organisations set goals - but often they remain unfulfilled.  Learn how to turn 'goals' into achievable outcomes using a process tested from personal change through to large international corporations.  Using this approach, you can set and achieve goals for yourself and others that leads to real, tangible results.  Based on consumer behaviour research, NLP and success models this pragmatic session will give you the tools to amplify your outcomes.

Behavioural Marketing - the secrets to changing your customer's minds

Take your marketing to the next level.  It is no longer enough to 'mass market', to focus on your features and benefits or take your consumer for granted.  For a holistic approach which leads to effective and efficient marketing strategies, this is the program for you.  This program has been used to enhance start-ups, reinvigorate major brands and has saved on international organisation 250,000 Euros.  Bringing together the most successful concepts of neuro-marketing, consumer behaviour research and marketing theory, this program will help you decide how to market and what will work for your specific business.

Winning them over - Advanced presentation and influence skills for business.

Based on Phil's internationally sought after master-class, this session draws on the secrets of NLP, Hypnotic delivery, advanced influence and stage kinesics to provide seven secrets of master presenters.  Learn the skills that will turn any presentation, sales pitch or communication into a powerful vehicle for delivering your message.  Customisable to your business and industry, this highly interactive workshop will ensure maximum learning and value for participants.

Customer relationship leadership - lessons from a nuclear submarine

Cold war submarine teams can teach us a lot about how to deal with customers.  In fact, the basic principles derived from these teams provide a powerful and pragmatic framework that ensures that your customers get the service they seek, and your business can flourish.  Learn the secrets of relational dynamics and how to apply them to your business processes to ensure you stay ahead of the competition in the hearts of your customers.  See how these can be applied from small business start-ups to global businesses.

Relational dynamics - getting beyond their comfort zone

In dealing with individuals or groups, keeping people in their 'comfort zones' allows them to perform at their best - whether this is in a relationship, workplace performance or with customers making purchase decisions.  Taken from consumer behaviour research, nuclear submarine teams, NLP and positive psychology, learn how to define, refine and enhance any relationship.  This interactive and engaging session will turn your ideas of 'relationships' on their heads - you will be able to use your new found skills from this session in your career, your business, your romance and the rest of your life!

Mental Wellness - the dark side of workplace wellness

How well do you know how to manage workplace 'mental wellness' in your workplace?  Did you know that organisations that know how to manage mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression get a 5.81:1 payback?  Learn the real facts about how your staff are struggling at work and some simple models and resources that make managing it possible  and profitable for your organisation.  Building on mental health resources, NLP, positive psychology and real world application, this session will prepare you to help your staff be at their best, rather than 'sweeping it under the rug'.

Superior selection - breaking the hiring code

Building a superior workforce is based upon superior selection.  Getting hiring decisions wrong is costly and can have long term consequences for your business.  Based on building international teams of excellence, this program breaks down what works and what doesn't in hiring and how to turn the lottery of hiring into a process that supports superior selection.  Philip is registered with the British Psychological Society in occupational and pyschometric testing - and adding lessons from NLP, advanced kinesics and successful coaching and selection around the globe, this program will help you develop the skills to identify, interview and select the great talent you need for your business.

Corporate hypnosis - positive and negative trances at work

Hypnosis is seen as scary - however, the concepts of hypnosis and trance are common in business.  Learn how to crack the hypnotic code of your workplace - to turn negative trances that exist into positive ones that turbo-charge your business.  Along the way, find out the secrets of advanced hypnosis and how you can use them to enhance your performance and that of your teams and organisations.  Phil is a master hypnotist and NLP practitioner and has been creating powerful change in businesses based on altering the 'trances' in organisations.

Coaching skills for business leaders

Organisations use coaches to help key executives develop their talent or overcome challenges.  Learn from one of the top international coaches how the skills of coaching can enhance your leadership.  Learn the secrets of NLP and performance coaching and how they can be used every day to create high performance in your organisation.  Learn how to have difficult conversations, set goals, give feedback and ask the questions that drive performance.  Take away the skills that will make a difference to your leadership - become a leader as coach, and coach as leader.

Crisis leadership - are you ready?

Businesses don't know when crisis will strike - they can only ever prepare in case it does.  Based upon experience dealing with major international crises, this engaging session will help you get prepared in case the worst ever happens.  Great businesses know their risks.  Turn you blind spot into an opportunity and find out the keys to not only surviving the storm but finding the silver lining.

Sales Force Effectiveness - the four pillars to great sales team performance

In tough times, sales forces have to work harder than ever.  Learn in this presentation how to get the best from a salesforce and how they can get the best out of themselves.  Based upon global sales force effectiveness programs that have delivered best practice around the globe, you will get powerful insights into segmentation and targeting, performance management, sales technique coaching and incentive systems and how this creates the most effective and efficient sales forces.

Customer Facing Excellence

The mantra that the customer has control of our organisations is true.  By ensuring that every experience that the customer has with our organisation is inspiring we can ensure true 'customer facing excellence'.  From salesforce approaches, customer service models, communication strategy and social media presence, this program creates a 'single face to customer' which allows a seamless, mission centric frame for optimising the consumer experience.

Based on the FIRO theory, Jungian typologies, Sales Excellence, Consumer behaviour research and advanced semantics, this program will amplify the way your organisation faces and messages to  enhance value creation and performance.

Black Belt Leadership:

Learn from a 5th Dan master Taekwondo instructor and competitor how to get your 'black belt' in leadership.  Drawing parallels from the secrets of the martial arts and combining them with success frames from international leadership, this presentation will provide you with the 'path' to become the leadership 'black belt' in your organisation.  Be inspired, challenge yourself and take the step toward becoming the warrior your business needs to lead it.

Sale of the CENTURY:

An advanced sales training model based on a neuro-behavioural model of communication.  This 2 hour keynote introduces the CENTURY model which provides a simple sales model that moves sales reps from 'Manipulation' to 'Influence'.    This session is aimed to enhance the skills of any sales team or performer - whether a new sales person or senior reps looking for the edge.  Understand how the brain responds to messaging and create sales approaches that work.

The Elegant Team Process

The ETP (Elegant Team Process) is developed from the Jungian theory of learning styles and social preferences.  Implemented in international teams, this process creates greater and more valuable meetings with clear outcomes and decisions.  If you are sick of 'death by powerpoint' or ineffective meetings, then this process is for you.  Lean how to create great, truly effective meetings for your business.


Stabilising Culture:

There is so much talk about 'changing culture', but often what is needed is a reduction in the uncertainty provided by change and the establishment of stability and certainty around a clear purpose or mission. Stopping the 'Culture Change Express' and getting to what will make a difference in establishing the mission focused success culture in your business is the aim of this program.  Learn how to turn 'change' into 'stability' and create a winning culture with some powerful and pragmatic models used by an internationally awarded change leader.

Behavioural Marketing Full Workshop

The new strategic marketing is 'Behavioural Marketing'.  As a world leader in the field, Philip Owens of Resourced Leaders delivers the Behavioural marketing program that is designed to help organisations gain true effectiveness and efficiency in their marketing approaches.  It takes customer-centric marketing to a whole new level and rejuvenates marketing approaches. Trained around the world and the basis for a university program, Behavioural Marketing works from a single brand plan right through to integrating full marketing approaches. Removing marketing inefficiencies and creating powerfully effective campaigns, Behavioural Marketing takes over from where 'strategic marketing' leaves off.

Advanced Presentation and Communication skills master class:

This 2 day program teaches real and practical skills to create presenters who can communicate with elegance and effectiveness.  Including the use of psychometrics, models based on NLP, advanced semantics, behaviour and therapeutic change models, this takes 'death by power-point' and creates something that works.  Become a master presenter from the stage, overcome your public speaking fears, and enhance your communication to be influential in business, relationships and life.  This practical and challenging workshop creates

Crisis leadership - masterclass:

Organisations find that one day a crisis emerges and it is not what happens, but how they respond and lead through the crisis that determines their ongoing success and even survival.  This 2 day course examines the nature of risk, the phases of a crisis, communication approaches in crisis and how to ensure that a crisis can be survived and maybe leveraged as an opportunity.  Based on real crisis management and leadership at an international level and involving behavioural models, this course is designed for leaders and managers who want to reduce their risks and be prepared should the worst happen.

Team Performance powered by Relational Dynamics:

This unique program incorporates the advanced team learning research from cold war nuclear submarine teams to create truly open and performing teams.  Utilising training, facilitation and team coaching to progress groups and teams through team development stages to move to sustainable high performance. This program is great to shift teams that are stuck, dysfunctional teams or new teams that are seeking the performance edge.  Successfully implemented processes and approaches in senior teams, boards and work groups around the world, this program can be used as an 'intervention' or a power-boost to teams wherever they are on the performance spectrum.

Concordant Teams (Advanced Team Decision Making)

This special team training and facilitation program develops a new way of decision making within groups and teams.  Moving away from the models of compromise or trade-off, the concordance approach seeks and finds the most valuable outcome based upon trust and shared wisdom.  This program works to train teams, facilitate their implementation of this unique decision making style and coaches the team to become a self-responsible decision group.  The usual process is 3-6 months, depending upon the frequency of team interaction.


Phil has an amazing sense of intuition, enthusiasm and drive, and can articulate the challenges you face in a simple and easy to comprehend way - and along with these the solutions that may help to help you through whatever the challenge may be -personal, professional. I have found him engaging, warm, fun and focused on getting results. I can highly recommend Phil to anyone looking to get more out of life.
- Marketing Manager AUNZ/ APAC, IMS Health (Sydney, Australia)

Phil has a vast repertoire of business acumen experience and high level strategic common sense which he conveys to me in a way that I can context and layer into my current scenario. As such, I gain clarity, insight and action strategies that are only possible via leveraging my ownership and expertise with Phil's unique experience and his respect that I know what is best for me and my company. Phil is a natural leader and he wants others to succeed and realize their business and personal aspirations. I would highly recommend Phil.
- Business Manager, Four Walls (VIC) P/L

I have worked with Phil during several Sales Force Effectiveness projects and also after that I often consulted Phil whenever I needed a profound opinion or to see 'the big picture'. Phil has a great amount of experience in the industry, lots of positive energy and is a visionary who thinks out of the box.
- Manager Life Sciences, Accenture (Basel, Switzerland)

He was always willing to share from his wealth of experience and has at all times given open feedback and constructive, specific and meaningful advice that I could directly translate into actions for myself. Phil is an excellent communicator that can address any level within an organisation - from top management to front-line sales people. He is extremely quick-minded and a great motivator - not only when standing in front of an audience but also when working with/leading a team. Combining excellent strategic thinking with a very good sense of pragmatism is one of Phil's key strengths and proof of his long and successful track record. In addition, Phil has a great sense of humour and is a down-to-earth and approachable person. I recommend him without hesitation.
- Product Manager, Astra Zeneca, (Hamburg, Germany)

Completely knowledgeable with extensive executive level experience means that Phil talks the walk and walks the talk. He has helped me see situations through a different lens, which has guided me to more effective action and better results for myself and the businesses I work with. I was also amazed when I saw Phil transform someone's public speaking phobia. This person went from blacking out in that situation to being completely oblivious that they ever had a phobia around this!
- Commercial Financial Controller, Jetset Travel World Group. Sydney, Australia.

I am a specialist hospital pharmaceutical rep with over 10 years' experience. I have attended and sat through many sales training courses and updates during my time in this industry. While at a recent company sales update meeting we had yet another session booked for "Advanced Sales Techniques". While accepting that it is good to refresh skills I admit that I did go into this session with a fairly standard 'here we go again' mentality. From the outset this was a very different and dynamic session. While it was only a 2 hour session the presentation was challenging, interactive and, most importantly, beneficial and educational. The training contained several apparently very simple techniques that, in many cases, I realised I subconsciously do in my day to day job. What was unique to this training was that it focused on each point and encouraged me consciously to promote this technique to maximise the control and outcome of a presentation or sales call. I could take from the session as much, or as little, as I liked. I can work on one technique at a time or all of them together now that I am aware of what I am doing. The session itself was very well constructed and run and was constantly moving forward and engaging. Phil Owens was very deliberate in his method and consistently demonstrated the techniques he was teaching throughout the session. This was one of the best genuinely 'advanced' sales training sessions I have ever attended and will certainly be using the techniques I learnt to improve my effectiveness in promoting a strong and clear message to my customers.
- Oncology Specialist, Bayer Australia

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