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At Picture Trigger, their mission is; "To bring your brilliant conference messages to life through pictures."

In the meeting world where messages compete with information overload, time constraints and post event action Picture Trigger has been specifically designed to bridge the gap between learning, long term memory and post event action. Picture Trigger's Gun artists capture the key message concepts by synthesising the visual and audio information into visual records that trigger the memory and stimulate action.

Picture Trigger is the pioneering Australian graphic recording group that provides a record of what was actually important, not just what was intended at an event. Our visual records are created in realtime in a form that is scannable, sharable and available for digital distribution on the day.

Their tried and tested system has been in practice for events as large as 3000, yet as small as 10. At your event they'll take those messages and give them the impact that they deserve. They provide conference and meeting organsiers with memorable and actionable pictorial meeting snapshots that don't cost the earth.

In their own words, what Picture Trigger does at a glance:

  • Our graphic recording service bridges the gap between learning, long term memory and action
  • Our graphic illustrators capture key concepts and messages in visual records
  • Our illustrators create a synthesis of the whole event into a memorable records
  • We simplify hours of content into compact drawings
  • We provide a record of what was actually important, not just what was intended
  • Our illustrations are so scannable that even non attendees can work out what happened at the event
  • Illustrations are displayed on the day during breaks and summation times via the conference projector
  • We illustrate in realtime as a message is being delivered
  • We make our illustrations available for



I just wanted to let you know that having one of your Picture Trigger Illustrators at our GET REAL SEMINAR was an absolutely outstanding success. WE will undoubtedly add this concept to all our GET REAL events across the country and look forward to working with your team again. Thank you for a great concept, great service and great delivery
- CSP MD Get Real Events

I recently had the pleasure of working with Nils at a conference we hosted. His daily summarising Picture Trigger debriefs were one of the stand out items of our workshop. Over the three days, we were able to easily, visually link back to the content of each session and ground the intervention back to the event
- Leadership L&D Commonwealth Bank

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