Planet Funk

Planet Funk use only quality ingredients blended into a myriad of music and visual movements creating a magic that reaches the heart and soul of their audience. The band comprises a unique coupling of talented musicians, fashion designers and choreographers, all with an insatiable appetite to perfect their fresh approach to entertainment.
A performance by Planet Funk is more than a musical journey from the forgotten hits of your childhood to today's top forty - it is a polished entertainment package. Their innovative approach to performing creates an energy and vibe that flows from the stage and assaults your senses.

Planet Funk understands the importance of your function and pride themselves on continuing to please each and every performance. Time and effort is taken to ensure that every minute detail is perfected. The band makes every performance look effortless by working overtime behind the scenes, mastering every aspect of the performance to create an event that equals more than the sum of its parts. This allows Planet Funk to remain the industry leaders, and shows they live up to their mission.
Planet Funk doesn't just create a successful night for you, your colleagues or clients - it creates an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.
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