Prof Jim Bright and James Morrison

Introducing a dynamic and entertaining learning event featuring world leaders in entertainment and human behaviour at work.

James Morrison and Professor Jim Bright have combined their expertise to produce "Beyond Corporate Mastery" to share the secrets of developing a competitive advantage through creativity.

  • They show how continual change demands continual creativity and reinvention.  They show how to leverage creativity and the power of the saying -something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.
  • Do you want an insight into the power of improvisation from the world's best?
  •  Do you want to see innovation and improvisation in action?
  • Are you surrounded by experts, but devoid of ideas?
  • Learn why improvisation drives innovation, and why strategic planning needs strategic innovation first.
  • Why Mastery is only the first step, and the true winners go Beyond Corporate Mastery.
  • Take your organization and your career to the ultimate level, by applying their powerful formula.

James will give you an insight into how to be a master innovator and Jim will give you a model derived from evidence-based psychology that can be practically applied by you.


Let two masters of their fields show you how!


James and Jim show through practical, engaging and entertaining stories and exercises how anyone can create original ideas that can capture clients, customers and markets. Using examples of innovation in music, the arts, information technology and leading businesses internationally, they show you how you and your staff can make the transition from followers to market leaders and how to retain that competitive advantage through continuous innovation. James is renowned as being an International leader in world of Jazz. His unparalleled ability to create truly original inspiring and successful music combines exceptional technical talent with a creative force that never fails to inspire, innovate to provide an outstanding experiences for audiences around the world.


Apart from touring the world for most of the year James is also head of Morrison Records, an independent label dedicated to the best of jazz. He also spends much time in education, doing master classes and workshops in many countries and running a jazz scholarship.


An avid user of the latest technologies James is very involved in furthering the presence of jazz and music education on the Internet and also uses computers extensively in his writing, recording and performances. When not writing film scores, composing or being patron of several youth orchestras, James relaxes in some fairly unconventional ways for a musician - competing in triathlons, abseiling, flying his private plane or driving in a rally championship. His love of cars is well known, as he was host of the national TVprogram "Behind the Wheel" and now co host of Top Gear Australia.


With interests so broad and a career so filled with highlights it seems that he has done just about everything anyone could want - not so. When asked, "What is there left to do?" His reply is typically exciting "This is just the warm up!"


Professor Jim Bright is a world leader in behaviour in the workplace. He has a PhD in Psychology and is Australia's first specifically named Professor Career Development. His research on the psychology of work has resulted in over 250 scientific journal articles, book chapters, articles and presentations including being the author of 9 books in organizational psychology. He has sold well in excess of 100,000 books in Australia, USA, UK, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and elsewhere. Jim's pioneering work applying complexity theory to work behaviour is recognized around the world and is now included in leading textbooks on best practice. He is an engaging and highly sought after speaker who was the ABC702's employment expert for five years and has appeared with Mikey Robbins, Ian Rogerson, Sally Loane as well as on the Today Show, Business Breakfast and regularly on Home and Lifestyle and Kickstart Careers on Channel 10. Past clients include: BHP, CBA, Westpac, Gilbert & Tobin, AMP, Dept Defence, Datacom. His work shows why change is inevitable and how exploit the creative possibilities by living on the edge of chaos.

Prof Jim Bright and James Morrison speaker

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