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Australia - QLD

At 36, Rachel has achieved more in her young life than most people will achieve in a whole life  time. This is even more amazing when you consider that just a few years ago, Rachel was struggling to survive as a victim trapped in a domestic violence relationship; one which nearly cost Rachel her life and that of her unborn child.

At the encouragement of Amnesty International, Rachel began speaking out about her experience and researching best practice, with the goal of creating awareness, prevention through education and assisting others suffering violence. Following a meeting with newly elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2008, a few months later she was appointed to the National Council for Reducing Violence against Women and their Children, followed by her appointment in 2009 as National Campaign Coordinator, Stop Violence against Women, for Amnesty International Australia.

The recipient of several awards, including the Lord Mayor's 2007 Australia Day Achievement Award, 2008 Pride of Australia Courage Award, 2008 Babes in Business Mercedes Benz Award and 2009 QLD Child Protection Education Award, Rachel is a highly regarded speaker and motivational trainer and one of Australia's leading advocates in the fields of Domestic & Family Violence, and Early Childhood Protective Behaviours & Child Protection. Her work and story has been noted in several Government Hansards, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio, both in Australia and New Zealand.  Her powerful message has reached police, lawyers, psychologists, social workers, teachers, refuge workers, guidance officers, high school and university students, to practically assist the challenges for clients overcoming violence whilst managing staff, client and community safety. 

Her humour is direct, her honesty emotive and her message saves lives.

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