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Australia - Western Australia

As a seasoned entrepreneur who turned a health scare into motivation, Rael leverages his diverse experiences from finance to education, across two continents and two listed companies. Rael serves businesses globally, having navigated challenges from founding startups to managing billions in loans. His partnerships blend real-world experience with academic credentials (MBA, MSc) to guide companies toward excellence.

From being 6000 feet underground to launching an education business that grew to over 4000 students, to years in venture capital, Rael has extensive experience. He has listed companies on two international stock exchanges, and his financial services group has settled more than $3 billion in loans over 21 years. Rael's diverse work history is enhanced by global research interviews with companies in over 25 countries.

With over 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, Rael helps businesses address key challenges such as change management, strategic alignment between culture and strategy, communication barriers, and technological integration. He delivers dynamic keynotes and workshops on these subjects, aiming to foster operational excellence and strategic success.

Rael holds two Master's degrees, an MBA and MSc (Software Engineering) and is a Fellow of the MFAA, a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), and a Member of the AICD.

He is also the author of 'Dive In: Lessons learned since business school', a reflection on applying real-world insights to business strategies.

Speaking topics

Supercharge Your Business

Business owners and managers face multitudes of challenges daily. Sometimes the solutions are clouded by the emergence of other problems. These challenges are not unique. This program utilizes 30+ years of business building, coupled with the ideas explored in "Dive in" (Published in 2018) to develop the tools to supercharge your business.

Embracing Emerging Technology

The rapid pace of technological advancement presents a significant challenge for businesses to stay current and competitive. "Embracing Emerging Technology" introduces AI and other cutting-edge tools as solutions to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and secure a competitive edge in the digital era.

3 Key Takeaways are:

  1. Technology Integration: Understanding how to seamlessly integrate new technologies into existing business processes without disrupting workflow.
  2. Productivity Tools: Discovering AI tools and technologies that can automate routine tasks, freeing up employees to focus on more complex and value-adding activities.
  3. Future Readiness: Preparing for the future by staying informed about emerging technologies and assessing their potential impact on the industry and business operations.

Team Dynamics

Teams are the basic building block of successful organizations. Team dynamics is fundamentally about creating the elements of those blocks. Many leaders believe they could be losing control and need to simplify systems and processes. Additionally they want a strong culture with communications and ethics as core elements.

Mastering Communication - Building Bridges not walls

As companies expand and diversify, effective communication and collaboration can become formidable challenges This Program addresses this through "Mastering Communication & Adaptability" and "Building Bridges, Not Walls," offering strategies to enhance interpersonal interactions and teamwork, ultimately fostering a more innovative and productive work environment.

3 key takeways are :

  1. Effective Communication Techniques: Gaining skills in clear and effective communication, including active listening and empathetic engagement, to minimize misunderstandings. These are based around understanding and implementing behavioral colours.
  2. Adaptability in Teams: Learning to be adaptable in a rapidly changing environment, which is crucial for maintaining team efficiency and morale.
  3. Collaboration Strategies: Implementing strategies to foster cooperation among diverse teams, promoting a more inclusive and collaborative workplace.

Turning The Plan Into A Page

All aspects of developing a strategic plan that is dynamic and flexible form the bulk of this program. Detailed analysis of the three critical business areas lead process.

If Culture ate Strategy for Breakfast – What's for dinner

The presentation offers a comprehensive guide for businesses seeking to build a robust organizational culture. Grounded in global research and case studies, it focuses on the need for adaptability in the ever-changing work landscape. Emphasizing both financial and non-financial performance metrics, the talk serves as an invaluable roadmap for fostering resilience in teams and sustainable business growth in a challenging environment across many industries.

Many organizations struggle to align their cultural values with strategic objectives, leading to disjointed efforts and suboptimal outcomes. Through insights from "If Culture Ate Strategy for Breakfast - What's for Dinner?", this talk provides the blueprint for integrating organizational culture with strategy, ensuring a unified and effective approach to achieving business goals.

3 Key Takeways are :

  1. Cultural Alignment: Realizing the importance of aligning company culture with business strategy to enhance cohesion and operational effectiveness.
  2. Strategic Communication: Learning how to communicate strategic objectives across all levels of an organization to ensure everyone understands and embraces their role in achieving these goals.
  3. Cultural Assessment: Assessing and understanding the current organizational culture to identify areas that may conflict with or support strategic goals.

Creating Optimistic Change - Small Steps to Big Changes

Creating optimistic change looks at revolutionizing organizational perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. A common dichotomy exists where leaders brim with optimism and visions of possibility, while team members often find themselves entangled in the immediacy of issues and limitations. A transformative shift in mindset is suggested from a conventional focus on problems and limitations to an exploration of possibilities and optimistic futures. The goal is to transcend traditional complaint cycles and magnify opportunities, facilitating a culture that nurtures inspiration, addresses root causes, and cultivates a shared vision of optimism and progressive movement within organizations. This is achieved through a transformative process of small steps to big changes.

3 Key take aways are :

  1. Incremental Change: Learning how small, actionable steps can lead to significant organizational transformations, helping employees and managers to approach change less dauntingly.
  2. Continuous Improvement: Understanding the value of fostering a culture that continually seeks to improve processes and adapt to changes proactively.
  3. Resilience Building: Developing resilience within teams, preparing them to handle disruptions and changes with confidence and competence.


Rael brought a thoughtful, intelligent and heartfelt address to the Vow Financial Conference in Whistler Canada. Rael's ability to present and weave stories that are thought provoking and motivating is artistry in motion. We were compelled by Rael's business and management insights and the message of following your dream and staying true to yourself. Rael, has made a lasting impact on my life, and am sure many others as well." Stephen Lambert - Crown Wealth - Australia
Stephen Lambert – Financial Planning - Australia

We engaged Rael to facilitate the annual strategic planning process that we undertake at Supervision Group. Rael did a fantastic job is preparing, facilitating and ensuring we achieved our desired outcome from the strategic planning day and subsequent follow up session. Rael was able to utilise his own experiences and extensive knowledge to add value to Supervision Group.
Clinton Reid Managing Director - Supervision Group - Perth - Australia

Attending Rael's keynote speaking at The Regional Scrum Gathering in Kathmanduin 2019 was truly an eye opener to me. I felt Rael immediately connected with all of us both personally and professionally. His ability to just go with the flow showed true professionalism. (When there was an electricity outage, Rael immediately made a joke and kept engaging the crowd.) I highly recommend Rael as a keynote speaker.
Amir Peled - Agile Coach - Bucharest

Rael gave a brilliant thought-provoking talk that encourages one to do a daily introspection to continuously align onself with one's own moral compass. His presentation skills were superb and one walks away feeling that this advice can change one's life
Malcolm Rabson - CEO Dariel - Johannesburg

"We are Australia biggest property marketing group, the Property Club and bring education to property buyers. The problem is that this education covers a multitude of complex areas from estate planning, managing multiple investments through to responding to ever changing legislation. No matter which topic we choose for Rael he is always most obliging in taking on the task. He returns with a fully researched presentation and has the unique skill of reducing a very technical presentation down to simple concepts that are readily absorbed by the audience. Rael has the ability to use minimal but effective power points to achieve this transfer of knowledge. We are very pleased with Rael's results when we survey our members post conference. Rael has one of the highest survey results of "did you get" the presentation. Uniquely Rael loves the open question and answer sessions at the end of his presentations. He revels in the challenge of answering the most difficult of questions and again in a way where the audience say "got that"! We recommend Rael as a most professional presenter with exceptional speaking skills. We have had a long list of well-known economic and property celebrities at our conferences over the last 23 years. Rael continually rates right up there with these speakers."
Kevin Young - President Property Club - Brisbane

"Rael has this incredible gift that sets him apart from everyone else - he is an amazing listener. He has this natural ability to truly understand people and their stories. What really makes Rael stand out is his amazing talent for helping others shape their stories in a way that truly connects with people. He has this uncanny knack for crafting narratives that allow others to effectively share their message. I have no doubt that he will continue to touch lives and create meaningful narratives
Tali Goldman - CEO - Market For Good - Singapore

The amount of sincerity, hard work and customization he did for a talk he delivered in Chennai is beyond words. He took all the content he had and gave us the best to all of us. You don't come across such a nice giver in your life. He is not The Excellence Guy, He is... An Excellent Guy."
Lokesh Rajendrababu - Chennai - India

What makes Rael a brilliant leader apart from his intelligence and business knowledge is his ability to bring out the greatness in others. Few leaders have this unique trait.
Candice Mama - CEO AIME / Vogue Paris Most Inspiring Woman 2020 - Cape Town

"Rael has done an outstanding job as an MC, wowing the audience and engaging them with jokes and anecdotes whilst ensuring the events flow along beautifully within the time frames. The feedback from attendees has been excellent. Rael is an absolute professional and a delight, no wonder he is called upon every year to be the MC."
Harpal Ahluwhalia - Branch Manager - Property Club

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Speaker Showreel | Rael Bricker

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