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RASMUS ANKERSEN, alias The High Performance Anthropologist, is the only speaker in the world to have literally lived and trained with the best athletes on earth. For six months he travelled the globe, to live with the fastest people on earth in Jamaica, to train with the boys of the Brazilian favelas, the infamous shanty towns that produce the world's best football players and to discover how Korea's female golf machines have taken the world by storm, achieving massive domination of the international golf

Now back in London, Rasmus is teaching companies, organisations and teams how to adopt the mindset and the kind of habits which produce World Class performance. With his powerful, refreshing style Rasmus challenges our most fundamental beliefs about success, leaving us with new, effective strategies, which he knows will work.

The High Performance Anthropologist walks the talk.  Rasmus has published four bestsellers, which have sold more than 35,000 copies in Denmark alone. His latest book The Gold Mine Effect - Crack The Secrets Of High Performance which is currently on submission to publishers worldwide, and he is a personal coach to several top athletes as well as senior executives.

Rasmus pumps winner's DNA into the blood of his audiences, and his primary principle is: CUT THE CRAP! No empty theories or clich's. He never leaves his audiences unmoved! He may inspire, shock, disturb or even blow them away. But indifferent - never!



Management Events has been collaborating with Rasmus Ankersen using his services as a personal development speaker at our conferences arranged for top decision makers from Denmark’s largest companies. Rasmus has exceeded every expectation, reaping the best speaker evaluations in Management Events Denmark’s six-year history. The last two evaluations gave him the highest possible score – 5 points from all delegates (5= very good and 1= poor).
- Country Manager, Management Events Denmark

he business world owes Rasmus much gratitude for his facts based, in depth studies of what it truly takes to be, identify and build talent.
- CEO and President, The LEGO Group

Rasmus really understands the DNA of world class performance.From him you don’t just get theories, you get concrete tools working in the real world. Rasmus is the ultimate coach.
- Global Sponsorship Director, Manchester United

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Rasmus Ankersen - Gold Mine Effects

Rasmus Ankersen - Gold Mine Effects

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