Futurologist and Author on the Digital Age
Ray Hammond is a world-renowned futurologist, technology analyst and commentator on the digital age. He is a best-selling author whose titles have been published in 44 countries and in 23 languages. Ray Hammond is also a regular contributor to 'MIT Technology Review,' 'Computing', 'Business and Technology' and 'New Media Investor'.

He wrote the world's first guide to on-line commerce and the Internet,'The On-Line Handbook' (1984) and is the author of the best selling 'Computers and Your Child'. His latest book 'Digital Business: Surviving & Thriving in an On-Line World' (1996) which has been described as an inspiration to all those wanting to exploit the potential of on-line technologies. He is currently writing a new book, entitled "Emergence".

In addition to his writing career and academic work, Ray has been a serial entrepreneur, founding and developing his own businesses in the UK, USA and Germany before selling them advantageously.

Today, Ray provides keynote lectures, workshops and seminars on the digital future for the world's leading corporations in between writing and lecturing at his universities.

Ray Hammond is a Contributing Editor to the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland, USA, a visiting lecturer at the City University Business School, London, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and a member of the World Future Society.

He is a natural and charismatic performer; his style of speaking is spontaneous, interactive and entertaining.

His topics include:

The Internet & World-Wide Web
Marketing & Retailing in Cyberspace
The Future for Organisations in Virtuality
The Nature of Business in the 21st Century
The Competitiveness of Corporations in Europe & Asia in Comparison to USA Corporations
The Future for Financial Services, Banking and Money in the Digital Age


Ray Hammond is a dynamic, insightful and very captivating speaker. He had the audience on the edge of their seats.
- Citrix Systems, Inc. USA

A really stunning keynote speech.
- Microsoft, Inc

Ray Hammond's lecture was outstanding, truly stimulating.
- IDG Publications, New Zealand

I was particularly inspired by the way Ray Hammond turned what many portray as a rather futuristic subject into the pragmatic here and now.
- British Telecommunications, UK

Ray Hammond's fascinating presentation proved very popular and interesting, something people continued to talk about long after his seminar was finished.
- Canon Europa, N.V

People were still debating Ray Hammond's points at the airport on the following day - a clear sign with a demanding Accenture audience that his comments made an impact.
- Accenture Europe

Ray Hammond's session was truly inspirational and thought provoking.
- Tequila Payne Stracey, UK

Ray Hammond's outstanding presentation skills and sound expert knowledge enabled him to provide a valuable and successful contribution.
- Swisscom, Switzerland

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