Ray Scicluna works with businesses and their team to get the best out come! It's not how far he fell, it's how Ray Bounces back that is inspiring and the true meaning of success. Today Ray's businesses include franchising, business consulting, retailing, manufacturing innovations, event management and training and he is passionate about sharing what he has learnt.

Son of a Boiler Maker, growing up in the rough world of Melbourne's Western Suburbs was a world apart from the world most know. Education none, leaving school at 13 and not being able to read or write was certainly going to be challenging but didn't hold this guy back. He had turned over more than 90 million dollars by the age of 27.

Successes, Ray has owned and operated three major franchises' two in Australia and one in New Zealand. He opened a movie wholesale distribution company that became the largest in Australia.

Bouncing back harder after he was declared bankrupt at 29, Ray lost everything, one would say!! Ray has had more than his share of challenges yet he never lost sight of his dreams. He moved on, owning the franchise "Video Ezy" in 5 states of Australia and New Zealand

Ray is the Managing Director of a company which has trained more than 4,000 young people in retail and customer service and has also trained more than 500 retailers in managing and building a better business. 


1. Relationships = Results

  • Relationships.. Create Great Leaders
  • Relationships.. Build Great Teams
  • Relationships.. Increase Sales
  • Relationships.. Separate Companies

2. Over Come the Odds

  • Opportunities and difficulties, work with both. 
  • Life is full of choices


Your presentation was outstanding. You have a real gift. You had them laughing at your patter, empathizing with your struggle, and saddened by your failure. But then the power of your message came through as you told of your strategies for recovery. You have a rare talent which has enabled you to analyse the causes of business failure, but then to turn failure into a positive which you have not only applied to your own life but into a powerful message which can have a profound effect on others.
- Australian Business Week Limited

You were inspirational and just what our Team needed. There was something in what you had to say for everyone. An hour went all too quickly and I would happily sit through the whole entertaining talk again.
- Radisson Resort, Gold Coast

If unbridled laughter indicates that the audiences is listening, then there can be no doubt YOU had their attention absolutely.
- Niche Media Pty Ltd

You are a colourful, enthusiastic and highly talented individual whose life story could form the basis for an entertaining and enthralling film. As a Motivational Keynote Speaker you are “Simply the Best”.
- Video Ezy International (New Zealand)

Ray, an excellent, highly motivational presentation, there was a lot of information to recall. The upbeat tempo and forthright style works very well, It is also particularly good for a end of seminar day as it gets the audience back on track and motivated to return to their businesses with enthusiasm. I think the story of your life makes people realise that most things are possible and most importantly there is always an upside and an opportunity. Negatives: Trying hard to think of some but can't, your images definitely caught peoples attention and the start was great, caught everyone!
- Managing Director, FarmWorx

Dear Ray, I would like to thank you the feedback received has been very, very positive. Comments received on the feedback forms.. motivational, A very inspiring, funny and interesting talk, A life changing presenter, Very engaging & anyone can do it, Just wanted to get up and hug him, what a presentation
- Development Manager, CCIA Industry

Hi Ray, Just a quick email to say thank you very much for your wonderful presentation at the recent R.E.I.T. Mini Muster held in Launceston Tasmania. I really enjoyed your presentation and took some great things away from it not only for business but also for my personal life. On the way home I stopped and picked up some flowers for my wife and reminded her how important she is to me. I also made sure I spent more than 7.5 min with my little girl! I’m now committed to continue reminding my family how special they are and to spend time with them.
- Alan Halliwell Director Halliwell Property Agents

Hi Ray, what can I say, AWESOME! Your presentation was the most inspirational I have ever heard and your warmth and integrity shone through. I only hope I have the pleasure to meet you again one day soon as I believe no matter who you are or what you have achieved, everyone at some time in their life needs a hit of Ray Scicluna.
- Kerri Kennewell Roberts Real Estate

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