Ric Willmot is one of those rare people who can say he is an international consultant and speaker ... and mean it! His consulting firm has attracted clients such as BHP, PriceWaterhouse, Ernst & Young, Toll, CPA Australia, Goodman Fielder, New Hope Coal Australia, Stockland, and over 100 other leading organisations.

Ric Willmot began studying Economics but finished as an Accountant. He also gained qualifications in Financial Planning, Organisational Development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Myers-Briggs.

His unique style of purposely evoking conflicting thought has you seriously questioning accepted philosophies. He wants you considering side doors and alternative routes on your path to Executive Wisdom. Ric believes that "Any and every person can succeed by thinking differently and using wisdom."

Ric is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a Member of the Institute of Management Consultants, the Meetings and Events Association of Australia, and the National Speakers Association of Australia.

He is interviewed and quoted frequently in the media; he writes regular business columns for 6 Australian magazines and is interviewed for audio CD programs such as Charter Magazine. Peter Gooch from ABC Radio best summed up Ric when he described him as: "The Contrarian Strategic Thinker for Successful Australian Executives."

Most businesses are en route to destinations they don't seek because a strategy they haven't set is taking them there ...

In this current economy, what's necessary is a committed and successful strategy to keep existing clients, attract new clients and continually build revenues and profits to not only survive but thrive.

Ric Willmot is "The Strategist." He doesn't waste time on theory. All content is practical and immediately usable. Ric will create change and potentially alter your management style and thinking.

Sales - Marketing - Management - Business Leadership - Change Management - Strategic Planning - Thinking Skills - Team Building - Strategic Thinking
Authoritative - Compelling - Engaging - Highly credible - Humorous - Insightful - Intelligent - Interactive - Powerful - Well researched

Strategic Success: A pragmatic perspective
Thinking the unthinkable .... Strategy
The Psychology of Exemplary Leadership & Powerful Management
How to become a Thought-Leader
Escape the mind-trap of Limited Thinking
Growing Your Fees & Profits in a Professional Service Firms
Purposeful Pricing Strategies
Change Management
Marketing Professional Services Firms
The Psychology of Powerful People Performance
Organisational Culture & Leadership
How to Attract & Acquire A-Class Customers
Thinking Skills: Learn the art of intelligent thinking
The Innovation Formula : I + Cr - Co = HSB

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Ric Willmot

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