Richard Watson

Richard Watson is the founder of a website that documents new ideas, innovations and trends from around the world.

He is a futurist writer and speaker who advises organisations on the future, focusing particularly on future trends and scenario planning. His clients have included, amongst others, Virgin, Toyota, McDonald's, Tesco, News Limited, Westfield, Unilever, Coca-Cola, the Dept of Education and St George Bank.

As well as publishing What's Next, he is the author of Future Files: A History of the Next 50 Years (Scribe 2007), and is Chief Futurist at the Future Exploration Network.

Richard has worked on scenario planning, research and innovation projects with, amongst others, Virgin Atlantic Airways, McKinsey, News Corporation, Toyota, Tesco, Westfield, St George Bank, McDonald's and Unilever. He is also a columnist for a number of magazines including Fast Company (USA), Retail Banking Review (Australia) and Future Orientation (Denmark).

Specific areas of expertise include media, retail and banking.

Richard Watson talks about?

  • The Future of Money
  • The Future of Retail
  • The Future of Innovation
  • The Future of Education
  • The Future of Customer Service
  • Trends in Financial Services
  • Why Companies need to Fail in order to Succeed
  • Managing Innovation

He has written articles on:

Fast Forward: Innovation Station - 10 great ideas, tools, and thinkers

A New Age of "Innocence" - The experts who'll drive innovation are not the usual suspects.

Retail Therapy - Is the future of shopping a dystopia? The choice is ours.

The Future of Money - Will phones be the new banks?

Smart Spaces - Why you can't think out of the box when you're sitting in one

Don't Confuse Creativity with Innovation - Can anyone be creative? Companies and consultants alike say the answer is yes.

A Beginner's Mind - Your most innovative team members and employees may not be the most senior - or oldest

Bite-Sized Innovations - Sometimes the most powerful ideas start small. Here's a roundup of our recent favorites.

An Evolutionary Approach to Innovation - Need to kickstart your innovation practices, processes, and production? Take a hint from the world of biology and consider how evolution - idea Darwinism - can help inspire change and creativity.

The Trendspotting Trend - Has market research been democratized? Identifying new product, service, and business development opportunities might be as easy as exploring your immediate surroundings -- and talking to your customers.

A Problem Shared Is a Problem Solved - On the rise of open source innovation

Open Innovation and Other Foolish Ideas - The best ideas are often conceived of by trial and error, or even just by accident.

Open source innovation can be the best path to discovery - if you aren't afraid to take the plunge.

Have I Got Your Full and Undivided Attention? - Life is speeding up and we are constantly inventing new ways to make things move even faster. But what are some of the consequences of this constant busyness? Are we losing our ability to think and properly relate to other people?

The Future of Newspapers - In this age of user-generated content and citizen journalism, it might seem like newspapers are becoming yesterday's news. But there's more life in them yet.

The Future is a Mixed Bag - With every downside, there is a corresponding upside: Get an expert's take on how technology, connectedness, globalization and ageing will affect us in the future.

The Future of Travel - Where will we be going, and how will we be getting there?

Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things Celebrate Failure

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