Richie Harkham

Australia - NSW

Richie Harkham is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who co-owns several businesses including Energy Alliance, The Australian College of Physical Education and Harkham wines.

After a near-death experience in a serious motorbike accident, Richie received a life-changing, first in the world live knee transplant from a 14-year-old boy, which inspired him to give back in a significant way. Richie founded the charity Hark Angel, which has now built 9 schools (out of its mission to build 100 schools in total), already changing the lives of over 2000 children in developing nations.

In the years following his accident, Richie was often approached by others going through similar physical and mental trauma. In an effort to help people move through their struggles he distilled his experiences into a framework called Return On Resilience, on which he has now also co-written a white paper with a neuro resilience psychologist.

Through his story and struggles with an arduous 4-year recovery, Richie shares a methodology and a practical approach to develop and sustain personal and collective resilience.

This validated model, backed by research and scientific analysis, includes the steps needed to turn a setback into an opportunity that will encourage a Post Traumatic Growth mindset.

Richie’s keynote also shares the story of his growth through adversity and success as an entrepreneur to capture an audience and inspire rapid change.

Additionally, he is also the host of the Return On Resilience podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have turned challenging experiences into their greatest opportunities.

Most recently Richie joined other leading entrepreneurs at a live shark tank event, was featured on the Tony Robbins podcast and was featured on popular lifestyle program The Living Room with Dr Chris Brown.

Richie's courageous journey from pain to purpose encourages others to view life's challenges as the greatest opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

Speaking topics

Return On Resilience

As we all know, these are the most unusual times. We are all part of a massive social 'experiment' forced upon us by the pandemic.

The keyword here is 'Adaptation'. How do we as individuals, communities, and businesses adapt to the challenges that we all face?

Central to this is Resilience.

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; mental, emotional, and psychological toughness.

Through my story and struggles after a horrific motorbike accident and a 4-year recovery including having a first in the world knee transplant, I share a methodology and a practical approach to develop and sustain personal and collective resilience.

Everyone will learn the 'Return On Resilience' framework. This validated model, backed by research and scientific analysis, includes the steps needed to turn a setback into an opportunity that will encourage a Post Traumatic Growth mindset. It is a fundamental truth that is through experience that we build mental, emotional, and psychological toughness. My story and personal experience will investigate the concept of "Banking Resilience" to draw upon when life throws challenges and change at you.

Participants will leave feeling inspired, informed, and able to apply the methods and techniques into their own lives.

My personal story, the horror of the accident, and the 4-year journey of recovery led to Hark Angel, a charity inspired by my experience.

Key Outcomes:

  • Resilience
  • Reinvention
  • Inspiration
  • Identification of Purpose
  • Innovation Tools
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


Richie is such a captivating presenter. His story is so powerful and his resilience, especially in times of adversity is so inspiring. What I really appreciate about Richie is his professionalism and eagerness to leave a lasting impression. Not only is he a fantastic storyteller but he’s an all-round nice guy, passionate about making the world a better place.
HR Coordinator - The Monkeys

Richie is a master storyteller whose life story & message of courage & motivation to succeed captured the hearts and imagination of all who were privileged to hear him speak.
Dr Terri Said - Ways

Richie is an incredibly passionate, down to earth & inspiring presenter. His real and raw life experiences will capture any audience & leave them wanting more.

Richie Harkham speaker

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Speaker showreel

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