Robert has over 20 years of experience in managing and leading multi-national companies in Europe and Asia. Because of his unique Leadership Style and his passion toward Total Quality and Service Excellence, a number of organisations under his leadership received awards on Quality Excellence, People Development Excellence and Service Excellence.

Robert is the Founder of Hong Kong Total Quality Forum (HKTQF) and a Fellow Member of the Hong Kong Quality Management Association (FHKQMA). Robert and his associates conduct high quality training programs and consulting projects to a large spectrum of multi-national organisations throughout Hong Kong, Macau, P.R.C. and other Asian countries. Robert believes that every individual has a unique potential and talent inside them, and his purpose in life is "Making a Positive Difference in People, Organisations and the Community" through training, development, consulting and personal coaching.

Robert's workshops are practical and enjoyable - containing team activities, case studies, facilitation, video, group discussion and action planning. Robert is from UK and has lived in Asia for over 10 years.

Robert is a graduate of :

  • Stephen Covey's - Seven Habits of Highly Effective Leaders Program;
  • Anthony Robbins's - Life Mastery Program;
  • Disney University's - People Management and Quality Service Program;
  • Dale Carnegie's - High Impact Presentations, Executive Image, Leadership for Managers and Effective Communication Programs;
  • Joel Barker's - Paradigm Shift Workshop
  • Zig Ziglar's - Born to Win Program
  • Tony Buzan's - Radiant Thinking Workshop
  • Cornell University's Strategic Thinking Workshop;
  • Institute of Directors - Diploma in Company Direction;
  • Christopher Walker's - Real Spirit Program


The purpose of using Dr. Robert Kirby's organization is to bring our leadership together in a cohesive unit. Dr. Kirby'c courses have gone down extremely well with our participants and we hope that the momentum built by tem will be maintained in our operation.
- Director of Human Resources, Venetian Macau Limited

It is indeed a pleasure to see some changes have taken place since the completion of the program. The managers are behaving more motivately, creatively and cooperatively. In addition, this built higher performance team in managing their work in a more effective way. The participants enjoyed the energetic and enthusiastic facilitating style very much and were deeply impressed y these sessions.
- Executive Vice President & CFO, EPCOS (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.

Since the completion of the eight sessions "Supervisory Development Programme", we have observed high levels of engagement and a great sense of "ownership" among our supervisors. We have also observed them working more closely together as a team. Perhaps the greatest compliment comes from those who attended the workshop, who enthusiastically attended the sessions and enjoyed your supportive, high energy and enthusiastic facilitating style.
- General Manager & COO, LRC

The overall impression gained by the course participants were excellent. Feedback included "interesting and inspirational", "I learnt and was reminded of new ideas", and a number of officers suggested you be given greater time on the timetable. This frankly is the ultimate praise and I would thank you for your efforts.
- Chief Superintendent of Police, In-service Training, Hong Kong Police Force

Under the banner of "Becoming The Best Programme", your workshops were well-received by our staff who found the series of eight weekly sessions practical, relevant and fun. The ability to deliver the content in both English and Cantonese further added value to the learning, as did the requirement for all participants to set specific personal goals relevant to the weekly sessions.
- General Manager, Hong Kong Football Club

Robert proved that he is a highly competent and dedicated instructor, very knowledgeable on the subject matter. All of our participants were greatly inspired by your vivid, professional teaching approaches and your well-prepared, organised presentation.
- Head of Training Centre Division, Administration of Airports Ltd.

Robert has "open-up" the staff's minds to think differently towards customer services; there is a significant difference in our workplace atmosphere. Thanks to your magic hands, the staff in different functions appear to have a better relationship with each other.
- Director of Personnel & Administration, Air Macau

Putting sixty people through a one-day "Customer Service Improvement Workshop" like this is not easy but Robert and Charlotte lead the workshop superbly well bringing all your own wealth of first hand customer service experience to bear. My staff remarked how refreshing it was to have a business person who "got his hands dirty at the sharp end" leading the workshop rather than the usual kind of trainer they encounter.
- Head of Private Trust Services, HSBC Trustee (Hong Kong) Limited

You are one of those key contributor in developing and enhancing Team CACT's effectiveness during the last two years. Creating "Team CACT" culture was what has set us apart from our competitors and helped us our #1 ranking among the offshore oil operators in China... you and Charlotte helped us find that blend of energy, commitment and respect a diverse Team must have to achieve breakthrough results...Thank you for leading us through this discovery process.
- Managing Director, CACT Operators Group

The "Motivating Yourself and Others in Challenging Times" workshop has enriched our management team members with practical ideas on motivation and leading change. It is an invaluable learning experience for all of us that we are inspired by your professionalism in the Hotel Industry and your expertise in Leadership Skills. We definitely treasure the benefit of the workshop.
- General Manager, Marco Polo Hotels Hong Kong

In preparation of the workshops, Robert and Charlotte spents tremendous time and effort to understand our members' needs, our goals and our operating environment. During the training period of two months, we were wholly impressed by their professionalism and enthusiasm. Their training was lively, inspirational and motivational... They led our staff towards win-win outcomes with both colleagues and members.
- General Manager, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

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