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Robert Redenbach

Australia - QLD

Rob Redenbach provides intelligent solutions to external aggression and internal doubt.

For the duration of Nelson Mandela's Presidency (1994-99) Rob Redenbach wrote and implemented the official defensive tactics program of South Africa's premier anti-terrorist unit and the bodyguards of Nelson Mandela.

Ranked by Business Review Weekly as one of Australia's Top 10 professional speakers, Rob Redenbach blends humour, experience and hard facts to demonstrate the value of working with (rather than against) people.

Equally comfortable delivering a 20-minute comedy routine in an after-dinner setting, a dynamic 60-minute keynote presentation at a business conference or an intensive 2-day hands-on training program for law-enforcement professionals, Rob Redenbach has successfully transferred the psychology of high-risk reaction to everyday-life.

Drawing on experiences gained from working with groups such as the American FBI, British Special Forces and the bodyguard unit of Nelson Mandela, Rob Redenbach provides unique insights into avoiding conflict, dealing with change and developing strong leadership.

His bestselling book, 'Perform With Confidence' introduced thousands of readers to the value of using brains over brawn when dealing with conflict. It was this book which attracted the attention of the business and management community and has since seen Rob present to companies such as AMP, National Australia Bank, Lend Lease, Norwich Union and Telstra.

An engaging and skilled presenter, Rob has appeared on numerous radio and television programmes and featured in journals with a diverse readership - ranging from the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers to UK Ultra-Fit.

Rob Redenbach's presentations and interactive seminars allow anyone to improve performance by better managing external aggression and internal doubt. Dynamic, entertaining and refreshingly different, Rob captivates audiences with his experienced delivery, quick wit and proven behavioural techniques.

Speaking Topics...
His book - 'In the Presence of Greatness'
Inspirational Entertainment - a unique insight into the character and strength of one of the greatest figures of the 20th Century: NELSON MANDELA. 'In The Presence of Greatness' tracks the fascinating story of Rob Redenbach's rise to become the senior trainer of Nelson Mandela's bodyguards and the invaluable lessons he learnt along the way. Combining meticulous historical research with first hand observation, this unforgettable story will take the listener on a roller coaster ride of adventure, humour and random acts of kindness. Highly entertaining and thought provoking, 'In The Presence of Greatness' has valuable applications for businesses and individuals alike.

Perform With Confidence
Personal Development - How to reduce fear, develop confidence and improve performance - anywhere, anytime! Fear is a clamp, which inhibits optimum use of skill and knowledge. Failure to understand fear is the first step in failing to make the most of skill and knowledge. This dynamic and at times hilarious presentation, provides delegates with the knowledge and psychological tools to not only understand fear (what it is, why it exists, how it works, etc.) but to actually benefit from it. Areas Covered include:- Characteristics of Fear, Investing in Confidence-, Fear Reduction

Competing in a Hostile Environment
Conflict Resolution - How to be more successful through better management of problems and problem people. To succeed in any endeavour, all forms of problems must be dealt with - including the realities of hostile competition. This fascinating, yet practical presentation addresses the mental attitudes and strategic tools needed to deal with problems and problem people. Ideal for front line staff, managers and their team membe

He has also authored two books:

Waveman, now in its second printing takes us on an extraordinary journey from a small town in country Victoria through the jungles of Malaysia, the townships of South Africa and Baghdad's Red Zone. Along the way Robert brushes up against Nelson Mandela, the FBI and an assortment of larger-than-life characters.

An inspirational road-map on personal development, leadership and much more, Waveman is the true story of the enormous possibilities that open up when you follow your own path.

Self-Defence in 30 Seconds! shows that surviving a violent encounter is comparable to saving yourself from drowning: if you can't do what needs to be done in the first 30 seconds, more time in the water is going to make the situation worse, not better! Black Belt or complete novice, Self-Defence in 30 Seconds! will teach you how to:

  • Manage a pressure situation
  • Overcome fear
  • Perform with confidence
  • Be your own bodyguard
  • Defend against grabs, strikes, weapons and even multiple assailants
  • Improve fitness, health and peace of mind

Going beyond physical technique, this book has direct application to enhancing performance in any situation where there is a risk of loss and a possibility of gain.



Rob Redenbach is one of those few presenters who can entertain, inspire and educate an audience . . . simultaneously!
- Lumley Life

Rob Redenbach's address was clearly the highlight of our business program and an outstanding presentation.

Finally, a really unique speaker with a fresh and truly amazing story to tell.
- Jack Morton Worldwide

Our elite group expect the best and they were not disappointed with Rob Redenbach. The issues and methods he explained proved so relevant to the business challenges we currently face . . . the timing could not have been better.

Not only did the audience come away with some fantastic tools, but the presentation enabled our conference to end with a real buzz
- Commonwealth Bank Australia

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