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Robert Spector is the author of four books on customer service, and is an international speaker on the subject.
He speaks extensively in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

He is best known for writing the international bestseller, THE NORDSTROM WAY: The Inside Story of America's #1 Customer Service Company-the first and only up-close and personal look at how this company became the national standard of customer service. Robert is the only journalist ever given total access to the inner workings of the Nordstrom culture. BusinessWeek magazine said it "bubbles with customer service insights." He followed that up with LESSONS FROM THE NORDSTROM WAY: How Companies are Emulating the #1 Customer Service Company.

He followed these books with THE NORDSTROM WAY TO CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCLLENCE: A Handbook For Implementing Great Service in Your Organization.

Robert also wrote AMAZON.COM: GET BIG FAST, the definitive book on the Internet pioneer. It has been translated into 18 languages

Robert wrote the foreword to CUSTOMER SERVICE, edited by Fred Wiersema (The Discipline Of Market Leaders), which spotlights Southwest Airlines, Lands' End, and other companies.

Robert's book ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: How The Best Bricks-and-Clicks Businesses Deliver Seamless Service To Their Customers profiles the multichannel customer service of top companies, including Wells Fargo bank and FedEx, among others.

His newest book is CATEGORY KILLERS: The Retail Revolution and Its Impact on Consumer Culture, published by Harvard Business School Press.

Robert has contributed articles to the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, U.S.A. Today, NASDAQ Magazine, and Women's Wear Daily.
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Robert Spector

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