With a background in education and 28 years in the Communications Industry, Robyn is a multi-skilled communicator whose work is heard in most Australian homes. Her voice has sold products worth millions of dollars for thousands of Australian companies in radio and TV commercials. Robyn has brought laughter to millions of Australians through syndicated radio shows including 'How Green Was My Cactus' (Australia's longest running radio comedy) and created wonder internationally with her many cartoon characterisations. Robyn is now entertaining and inspiring audiences around Australia at Conferences, Seminars and Special events.
An Australia Day Ambassador for the Australia Day Council, a Patron of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and voted 1998 'National Communicator of the Year' for her contribution to oral communication. Robyn's success is due to her unique skill in connecting with her audience and her ability to share her passion for life, extraordinary communication and 'the power of the word', the theme at the heart of her presentations.

Weaving together humour, entertaining stories and powerful life distinctions, Robyn's clients (in the Corporate World, Education, Health, Sales and Service and in the Community) have reported renewed enthusiasm, productivity and satisfaction for themselves, their staff and colleagues.

Whether you're 'full of life', or your enthusiasm is 'covered with plaque', come and fall in love with "The power of the word" and put the being back into 'human being'. Robyn's presentation will give you greater access to being passionate, being satisfied, being profoundly related and most importantly, being back in one's life again ... through "extraordinary" communication.

Robyn works very closely with her clients. They get to define the outcomes which will most benefit their company, delegates or staff and Robyn tailors her presentation to generate changes in perception and behaviour which access her clients' desired outcomes.


The Power of the Word in (your theme)

BIG Words, Big People, BIG Futures (your theme)

Audacious Leadership.

Relationship Marketing.

Super Sales/Super Service.

Relationships and Families That Thrive.

Growing Little People into BIG People.

Falling in love with vocations again!

Rediscovering Purpose, Passion, Potential.

Being Bigger than the Circumstances.

Growing Communties Together.


Robyn took us from laughter to tears; the people that listened to her speak had their lives changed on that day.
- Manager, JobNet

Your closing presentation was superb in that it delivered the message in such a creative and entertaining manner that we had been attempting to relay all week. It really hit the mark with our franchisees. I am sure they all left with a clear message that will not only help their businesses but will have a huge impact on their personal lives.
- National Franchise Manager, Sportsco Pty Ltd

..we laughed and laughed, were reflective and had tears in our eyes, one after the other. It was an experience that touched us where it mattered, both lightening the load and raising our awareness of being 'in life'. To quote one of the young women present, 'I need a dose of Robyn every six months. 'If this were a report card, I would have to say 'highly recommended'.
- Division Director, Macquarie Bank

thank you for the marvellous content and presentation of your material regarding Relationships at our conference. The delegate responses were overwhelmingly thankful for having the opportunity to hear you speak, and several spoke of marriages back on track and of difficult situations resolved.
- Director, BCT Communications Pty Ltd

The power of word" was much more than a fascinating entertainment, it also carried a great and obviously heartfelt message that resonated with the theme of our conference and with the mood of the delegates at the dinner. All delegates, local, interstate, and overseas, were fulsome in their praise. Many, when asked to evaluate the contribution of the overseas speakers, wrote instead in praise of your work.
- Conference Convenor, Australian Secondary Principals Assoc

Excellent. Without a doubt Robyn is the best public speaker I’ve heard in years!! Robyn’s ability to link with her audience, her use of humour, the ability to tap into people’s emotions and her unique style create the very definition ofEdutainment. Fun, humorous, touching, provocative, stimulating!
- Training Consultant Telstra

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