For 21 years Robyn Pearce has been sharing her experiences and knowledge about time management with clients and readers around the world. The author of eight books and thousands of articles, she regularly appears as a subject specialist on television and radio. She also coaches senior executives, helping them reduce the overwhelm of too much to do and not enough hours.

If you'd known Robyn in earlier years, you certainly wouldn't have picked her for a future international time management specialist. Through the years of raising six kids, single parenthood and then a highly successful real estate career, time management was her biggest challenge. The good news is she won. So, she's not one of those theoretical experts - she's made all the mistakes in the book and now shares the solutions with others. And - with 16 grandchildren, a wide variety of interests and a busy international consultancy, she needs every trick to keep on track!

She's one of less than 10% of speakers world wide to hold the highest professional speaking designation - Certified Speaking Professional. She was also the World President of the Global Speakers Federation, serving 10 countries.

Clients today demand practical content their people can immediately apply.  Robyn Pearce, the 'Time Queen' fits this brief perfectly. Audiences constantly say, "That was the most practical session on the agenda", "I could have listened to you for hours, What's more, I've immediately put some things into practice and they really work!".

Robyn builds rapport with audiences very quickly and specialises in interaction - within minutes they feel as though she really understands their problems.   Her relaxed down-to-earth and interactive style makes her the perfect solution as a key note speaker, an afternoon convention slot or an interactive workshop session.

Current Offering: Speeches, extended Workshop Modules and Coaching:

  • Getting a Grip on Time - a range of speech and workshop titles around time management and productivity
  • Life Balance, from a practical 'what we can do about it' perspective
  • 'From Gumboots to the Boardroom - (From welfare beneficiary to successful author and international speaker ?- a journey full of learning 'opportunities')
  • Clear the Clutter and de-stress yourself - as well as those messy offices!
  • Goalsetting Workshops using Robyn's powerful LifeMap workbook to help people discover WHAT their goals are (the issue many struggle with in regards to goals)

Her books so far, many of them now best-sellers:

  • Getting a Grip on Time
  • About Time - 120 Tips for Those with No Time
  • Getting a Grip on Life - Goals Toolkit
  • Getting a Grip on the Paper War - Managing information in the modern office
  • Getting a Grip on Leadership - How to learn leadership without making all the mistakes yourself


A wonderful surprise to learn how much I had improved since the first programme with you nine months ago. Even so, this time I learnt a whole new layer of further useful timesaving techniques and distinctions. In talking with the reps we all agree that we are already achieving heaps through uncovering pitfalls and recognising opportunities for improvement.
- National Sales Manager, Personal Insurance, GIO Australia

Robyn gave much more than the professional information imparted in this kind of session. She engaged directly with each of the participants' major concerns and provided helpful advice that was also relevant to the needs of the whole group. ... I recommend her unreservedly to other organisations.
- Principal Heritage Officer, Heritage Council NSW

Your time management seminars are one of the best things we've ever done. Weeks later staff are still discussing the sessions and how their organisational skills have improved. Not only has it lifted productivity, but also boosted morale.
- Centrelink, Dubbo

When we reviewed the progress made as a result of your concepts, a staggering number of them had become an integral part of our day to day business, collectively making a huge difference to our efficiency and also bringing our team closer by relieving them of some of their time-constraint-induced-stress. Because of the time streamlining we have reduced individual report writing time from approx. 1.25 hours to 45 minutes per report. (increase of 30% gross turnover verbally reported)
- Occupational Therapy Helping Children, NSW

We were very impressed ... everyone who participated gained considerable insight to effective time management and personal planning techniques... applicable to many different businesses and situations. I have no hesitation in recommending Robyn to any company ... In particular, her ability to help staff interact and understand each other's viewpoints we have found invaluable.
- Managing Director, IT Software Company, Auckland

Your session 'How to Stretch Time' really helped to make the day, and I have received nothing but rave comments.
- Chair - National Speakers Association of Australia Convention 2000

Your attempt to "literally" become part of the audience was a special highlight!!!,Many of the attendees remarked on your willingness to interact and converse with them and really be involved with the delegates as opposed to just presenting. Thank you for your participation at a personal level
- Chief Executive Officer, Group Training Australia

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Robyn Pearce

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