Roger La Salle

Roger La Salle is a passionate and engaging speaker who talks from the heart and thrives on helping you see exciting business opportunities materialise right before your eyes.
Having successfully built his career on developing and commercialising successful products, Roger loves to share his simple approach, one that has proven so effective over many years across many industries.

With his wealth of experience, his love of presenting and having a laugh with the audience, Roger will deliver you an amazing but simple process for thinking that will transform the way you run your business.

His material is now licensed in over 27 countries and is used in some of the world's largest organisations from airlines, to banks, manufacturing, FMCG, scientific bodies and some of the world's largest consultancies.

Keynote Topics include:

  • Innovate or Perish
  • The digital world challenges physical infrastructure
  • The Innovation Imperative
  • Taking your business to the next level
  • Business Building - It's systematic and simple
  • Services - Can these be Innovated
  • Innovation - what is it and how do you do it
  • Marketing - how to remove the single biggest risk in business
  • What is an opportunity - how do you systematically search for one
  • Moving your people from operators to opportunists
  • Business trajectory - the future
  • The digital interface to the physical world
  • Getting your people involved in the journey
  • Inspiration in Business - how you do it.


Indeed, in South America we seem to have an endless troupe of American and European experts preaching innovation and entrepreneurship at conferences and universities, including many who are well-recognized names in those fields. In July 2010 I had the unique pleasure of working at many events with Roger La Salle and his Matrix Thinking methodology. His material, presentations and workshops are without any doubt the most engaging, simplest and valuable method I have ever experienced. In fact during his work I found it quite impossible not to come up with the next big thing in any of the many market sectors he touched on, and this was evident also within the groups he worked with. This material is invaluable and directly targeted at practical outcomes for businesses of any type. I commend this highly.
- Tjebbe Donner, Medellin, Colombia

Wow! Roger held an audience of NAB People & Culture team members spellbound with his insightful, action oriented approach to innovation. Applying lateral thinking, he sees opportunities everywhere and turns complexity and the threat of the unknown into exciting business opportunities. Without doubt Roger La Salle is one of the most inspirational speakers and writers of our time."
- Mr Jim Young, Executive General Manager National Australia Bank People and Culture, Group Business Services

Roger is an exciting and stimulating presenter who brings his topics to life with graphic examples, insights and directions for personal and business development. Roger is superb.
- New Zealand Trade and Investment

I literally hung on every millisecond, for the whole day. Unbelievable contents and presentation.
- South Australia Government DTED

Roger's interactive presentation in our recent conference was truly enlightening. He delivered a simple yet powerful message full of anecdotes and real examples. No overheads or PowerPoint for this fellow, he just walks and talks and doodles on a white board as he reveals the secrets of innovation.
- Boral Australia Limited

Roger is an exciting and stimulating presenter who brings his topics to life with graphic examples, insights and directions for personal and business development. Roger is superb. I recommend him highly as a speaker.
- Trade New Zealand

I have seen them all, the La Salle method is fantastic
- Albany International

Without doubt our benchmark of speakers
- Skill Plus

The best speaker we have ever had.
- Australian Inventors Association

We found the system an excellent approach to developing innovative ideas from customers, service agents, engineers and sales staff. The normal brainstorming method is only a distant second in comparison to his innovation process. We used if for the Strategic Planning Conference in early 2007 and managed to get some outstanding out of the box ideas in just half a day.
- Fasco Asia Pacific

Thanks for giving us a focused process for finding opportunities within even the most complex issues and challenges. It was a wonderful revelation!
- MacKillop Family Services

"Your keynote presentation 'Innovation - The Essence of Business Success' rated as the conference highlight on the conference survey completed by all delegates"
- AALARA (Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association)

Roger, just a short note to thank you for the fabulous interactive presentation at the ICN National Conference last month. Our internal survey confirmed that your information and delivery style were absolutely the highlight of the event. You left our people with both the motivation and the tools to understand and implement innovation in our business.
- Chief Executive Officer, ICN - Victoria

"I would also like to comment on Roger's excellent delivery style which I found to be very down to earth and inspiring at the same time. His passion for innovation highlighted by the "throwing out" of ideas and challenges to the group shone though."
- Optimatics, Adelaide

Inspirational. A great presentation.
- Isolectra Far East, Singapore

Facing a challenging audience of Australian fruit growers, Roger not only managed to raise the energy in the room up a few notches but he delivered on our key conference objective - to open the minds of Australian fruit growers to the possibility of innovation! Roger is a thoroughly engaging speaker and in my opinion would be a valuable contributor to any event wanting to promote change/innovation.
- APAL Communications Manager

Roger La Salle speaker

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TEDxMelbourne - Roger La Salle - Matrix thinking how to do innovation

TEDxMelbourne - Roger La Salle - Matrix thinking how to do innovation

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