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Ron Lee is "The Corporate Ninja" and speaks at conferences and trains all management levels on four continents. The keynote presentations and training are mostly derived from eastern/western philosophies, universal laws, practical metaphysics and martial arts and are distilled into forms that can be used immediately in business and personal life.

He studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, and his experience in Theatre (he still retains an agent who also manages Olivia Newton-John and Russell Crowe), stand-up comedy and 27 years and eight forms of martial arts, gives Ron credentials to speak on personal power to all social and business levels, and has addressed many academic
audiences, one of which was a group of surgeons on the subjects of "The Role of The Mind & The Spirit in Healing" and "Metaphysics in Relation to Science & Medicine".

As the result of a Hoax presentation at the International Contact Lens Conference, Ron was invited to be a regular lecturer in Communication at the University of NSW, which he did for eight years.  Client feedback states that participants become more solutions-focused and are inspired to raise levels of expectation of their personal performances.
Ron's seven pillars of effectiveness are Certainty, Presence, Purpose, Focus, Vision, Fun and Inner Strength.

Ron Lee, CSP, plays the role of a Japanese industrial giant who is the central character in a motivationally interactive and inspirational presentation designed and written specifically for your organization.  He engages audience members to demonstrate the ways in which martial arts techniques assist individuals and companies in exceeding personal and corporate goals.The philosophies come from the ancient writings of Chinese military general Sun Tzu ("The Art of War") and from Miyamoto Musashi, an undefeated 17th century samurai who wrote about success, lifestyle, self-motivation and achievement ("A Book of Five Rings").

After making an announcement that shocks those present, he conducts question time in which the answers are both outrageous and credible. At an appropriate moment, he reverts to Ron Lee who gives a humorous and comprehensive debrief of the exercises and how they relate to the company message.

The purpose of The Ninja is to motivate, entertain, and inspire. The Ninja Hoax is performed at conferences, seminars, product launches, conventions, etc, and presentations can include "the board" and "the arrow" if you wish.  We pinpoint your corporate message to focus on such specifics as sales, leadership, change, teams and empowerment. According to clients, participants focus on solutions rather than problems and are inspired to raise levels of self-expectation of their personal performance.  The "value-add" is martial arts-based inspiration that you can use immediately in business and personal life.  You get a comedy Hoax AND valuable and powerful messages.

Keynote Presentations:


  • Cope with the unexpected and eliminate objections
  • Four techniques for remembering names
  • Write and construct a sales presentation
  • Open the prospect's mind to your message
  • Grab the prospect/client's interest and hold it
  • Eliminate call reluctance
  • A natural approach to body language - no "techniques"
  • Learn the Bushido (martial arts) way of negotiation
  • The ULTIMATE technique for bringing the prospect/client to your way of thinking


  • Turn nerves into positive energy
  • Perform without notes, regardless of the length of presentation
  • Greater voice control
  • Ad lib in any situation
  • How to write and construct a presentation
  • Reduce, and even eliminate, self-consciousness
  • Project authority and confidence, even if you are nervous
  • Create and deliver humour naturally, credibly and effectively
  • Open the audience's mind to your message
  • Project your unique personal charisma
  • Grab the audience's attention and hold it
  • How to make your presentation appear effortless
  • A natural approach to body language
  • Become centred, grounded and unashamedly individual
  • Achieve ULTIMATE confidence


  • How to encourage your team members to look in the same direction
  • Cope with the unexpected
  • Looking past the obstacles
  • Reduce self-consciousness in communication
  • Create team humour naturally, credibly and effectively
  • Learn the martial arts way of negotiation
  • Focus on solutions rather than problems
  • Greatly reduce the negative effects of company politics
  • Share the VISION...

Advanced Programs:

Keynotes and master classes have personal empowerment at the core and will increase team and stakeholder engagement, retention and revenue. The empowerment comes from Eastern/Western Philosophies, Practical Metaphysics, Universal Laws and Martial Arts.

  • Empowerment Master Class
  • SPEAK! Master Class
  • Sales Master Class


Ron was excellent, he was very humorous, and covered the subject extremely well. The audience was totally fooled. I highly recommend Ron Lee, he made the function a complete success.
- Professor of Engineering Geology, UNSW

Dr Kinoshita was certainly the highlight and will be talked about for some time to come... hailed by many as the 'best ever'.
- Managing Director & Head of Investment Banking Division, Australia & New Zealand, Deutsche Bank

Lexmark International has just enjoyed its most successful conference ever - and it was largely due to your amazing hoaxing, sales training and team building. Many of our attendees summed up with just one word - awesome.
- Event & Promotions Manager, Lexmark International

I thought I should write to you to say how much my partners and I enjoyed the outstanding contribution which "Professor Takashi Kinoshita" made to our recent staff conference - it will be a hard act for us to follow in putting together our next gathering.
- Partner, Price Waterhouse Coopers

There is no doubting the impact of your presentation - there are a good number of people who have broken their own psychological barriers and seen 'beyond the problem' which will no doubt have a positive impact on the way they do business for the future.
- Division Manager, Dick Smith Electronics

Thank you for your participation in what was described as "The best conference I have ever been to" - your message and the manner in which you delivered it gave you a huge point of differentiation which ensured we drove our company message home... you really stood out and we are very pleased we went with you.
- Managing Director, Mortgage Choice

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