2019 Keynote Speaker of the Year

Rowdy McLean is recognised as one of the worlds most sought after experts on Leadership, Motivation and Change.

Rowdy has spoken to over 400,000 people across the globe. His books “Leadability – how great leaders are made” and “Play a Bigger Game – how to achieve more, be more, do more and have more” have been published in 7 countries.

A successful CEO who retired at 34, he is famous for helping leaders, teams and organisations see what is possible, embrace the future and drive extraordinary results. No rah rah, no nonsense, just good honest solid advice that works.

Speaking Topics

Leadability Keynote

Play a Bigger Game for Leaders – Creating the best leaders – Ideas, thoughts and concepts for leaders that want to make a lasting positive impact.

Never underestimate the power of a leader to shape the direction and outcomes of organisations. Good leaders get results. Remarkable leaders leave a legacy, they create a positive impact that is experienced by the generations that follow. In this presentation we go beyond good to great and step into being at the top of our game. How to become a remarkable leader. How to leave a lasting positive impact and how to create a legacy that is admired beyond your time in your role.

“Remarkable leaders are the driving force of amazing teams and organisations ”.

Play a Bigger Game Keynote

Play a Bigger Game for organisations, teams and Individuals –Raising the bar – How to achieve more, be more, do more and have more than you ever thought possible.

An Inspiring and motivating keynote with a touch of agitation. Recent research by Dr Brenee Brown has shown a direct correlation between individuals personal growth and an organisations success. There are 4 things that every human being can control that ultimately affect their ability to get the results they want. Very few people control or 4, however in this keynote I show you how to take control so you can achieve more, be more, do more and have more than you ever imagined. Its easier than you think.

One idea executed really well can completely change your world

Simplicity Keynote

Play a Bigger Game for Business – Creating the best business – Insights, strategies and actions for SME’s that improve the bottom line.

Success in business is about doing the right things for your business at the right time. Not doing more things or adding more things. The best businesses are lean success machines. In this keynote we explore the play book for removing complexity so that you can focus on the drivers of your success. 7 simple tools that will streamline your bottom line. When your whole team understands the game and exactly how you want to play the game. Your results invariably get better, you win more often and reap the rewards of that success.

“Simplicity is the magic metric that drives successful businesses”

Cultural Dynamics Keynote

Play a Bigger Game for cultural excellence – Creating an amazing culture – The critical elements of cultural dynamics.

Every successful culture is built on the back of 7 key aspects. This keynote explores these elements, what they mean and how to create them. An engaging keynote with insights into most successful ancient cultures and their modern equivalents. Great culture are about belonging, contributing and creating strong foundations for a successful future, This keynote delivers on all of these.

Serviceability Keynote

Play a Bigger Game for service excellence – Creating exceptional service – The only real differentiator.

In the modern business world its almost impossible to differentiate your business on product or price, Products are easily copied, pricing is competitive, However exceptional service is a rare commodity. Many organisations try to create it, few succeed. I own a company that has been creating service excellence in organisations for over 15 years. In this keynote we explore the critical elements that will take your service from erratic to exceptional and keep it there.


Fantastic and inspiring, emotional presentation with depth. Applicable both in work environment and for individuals. Sincere, moving, inspirational
- Network Ten

Rowdy is an engaging and entertaining speaker who motivates you to get things done! I heard him speak and was very impressed by his stage presence, his strong but simple message supported by stories, anecdotes and personal experiences, and his energy, passion and enthusiasm. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any audience looking to turn their ideas into action!
- CEO, Think Global Consulting

The best presentation on 'service' for many years...Fabulous acceptance from a group used to hearing from the best speakers in Australia. The impact Rowdy made on the Business Excellence event was brilliant
- Director, Business Excellence Marketing and Promotions

I saw Rowdy speak recently in front of, what many people would consider an intimidating experienced and intelligent audience. He blew them away!
- Director, Values AT Work

The presentation you gave at our Growth conference was exactly what our clients needed! It was dynamic and entertaining, our clients left your session feeling highly motivated.
- Principal Coach, Business Coaching Sydney

I have attended numerous management and organisational improvement programs in different local governments and I was surprised with the ability and quality of facilitation by Rowdy McLean. I did not think that a facilitator of this caliber would be available at a local level and intend to use Rowdy for other management initiatives.
- Director Planning and Development, Tweed Shire Council

Rowdy, Many thanks for your presentation last week - it was engaging, honest and relevant. In particular, your framework around capability and confidence struck a real chord for my team in the context of our double-up ambition. We concluded the two days with the team inspired around pushing beyond our comfort zone and I think your presentation helped contribute to this enthusiasm.
- CEO IAG Direct Insurance

Ron 'Rowdy' McLean speaker

Speaker Video

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