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Born on 6.6.66 in Sydney, Australia. Ross became an established big wave surfer at the 1986 Billabong Pro at Waimea bay and the Pipeline Masters. Ross spent 12 years on the ASP World Tour.

Starring and producing in the most iconic surf films including “Mad Wax”, “The Sixth Element” narrated by Dennis Hopper, “Storm Surfers 3D” and the four part TV series “Storm Surfers”.

Ross was the first Australian and non-Hawaiian to win the prestigious Quiksilver In Memory Of Eddie Aikau held in Waimea Bay, Hawaii in January 2001. In 2004 and again in 2016 he took out second place at the elite big wave competition.

Ross divides his time between Portugal, Hawaii and Australia. Basing himself in Bells Beach, Australia - chasing fierce swells in the southern hemisphere in places like South Africa, New Zealand, Tasmania or Western Australia.

Ross Clarke-Jones timeline

  • 1985 - SHORT FILM - Starring in classic cult surf movie Mad Wax
  • 1986 - COMP: 3rd in The World Ammeter titles - Cornwall England
  • 1986 - Turned PRO 
  • 1987 - COMP: 3rd placing at the Gunston 500 in Durbin South Africa 
  • 1988 - SHORT FILM Performers II
  • 1989 - SHORT FILM: All Down The Line
  • 1989 - COMP: 2nd at the Billabong Pro  
  • 1990 - COMP: 3rd at the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii 
  • 1990 - SHORT FILM: Generation X  
  • 1992 - SHORT FILM: 110/240
  • 1994 - SHORT FILM: Surfers of Fortune
  • 1994 - FEATURE FILM: Rapa Nui - Stunts
  • 1998 - VIDEO DOCUMENTARY: Biggest Wednesday: Condition Black
  • 1999 - SHORT DOCUMENTARY: Extreme IMAX
  • 2000 - EVENT: Director and Executive Producer of the world’s first tow surfing contest, Red Bull Reef Seekers.
  • 2001 - COMP: Became the first non-Hawaiian to win the prestigious “The Quiksilver” in memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Contest at Waimea Bay.
  • 2003 - SHORT FILM: - Pororoca: Surfing the Amazon 
  • 2004 - COMP: Runner-up at “The Quiksilver” in memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Contest at Waimea Bay.
  • 2006 - FEATURE FILM / BIOPIC: The Sixth Element - Narrated by Dennis Hopper
  • 2006 - DOCUMENTARY: Storm Surfers: Cape of Storms  
  • 2007 - DOCUMENTARY: Red Bull Tai Fu
  • 2008 - DOCUMENTARY: Storm Surfers, Dangerous Banks 
  • 2009 - COMP: Nelscott Reef Kingfish overall Champion for tow and paddle 
  • 2010 - DOCUMENTARY: Storm Surfers: New Zealand 
  • 2012 - Inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame 
  • 2012 - DOCUMENTARY: Award winning documentary - Storm Surfers 3D - Entirely filmed in 3D - Narrated by Toni Collette  
  • 2013 - FEATURE FILM - Drift - Australian feature film 
  • 2013 - DOCUMENTARY: Explorers: Adventures of the Century (TV Series documentary)
  • 2016 - COMP: Runner-up at “The Quiksilver” in memory of Eddie Aikau Big Wave Contest at Waimea Bay.
  • 2018 - SHORT FILM: “Go Mad” 
  • 2018 – Caught one of the biggest wave RCJ ever caught in Nazaré, Portugal on the 18th of January (almost 20 years to the day of RCJs original Biggest Wednesday - January 28th, 1998).
  • 2018 – The Nazare “Rock Hop” on February, 25 
  • 2019 – Survivor Australia – Season 4 – Champions vs Contesters
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