Ryan Campbell is a leader in helping individuals and organizations to not only overcome adversity and navigate change, but also to use those very same challenges to build a better future. Few people have encountered the extreme polar opposites of success and tragedy that Ryan has, going from a world record-breaking pilot to paraplegic plane crash survivor. As the youngest person to fly solo around the world, Ryan’s life changed in an instant following a devastating light plane crash. Ryan survived against all odds and was admitted to a spinal rehabilitation ward as a complete paraplegic with no movement from his waist down. His mental fortitude helped him become a record-breaking pilot; his perseverance supported his struggle to walk again and pushed his fight to get back into the sky. This gamut of human experience led Ryan to develop his Mindset Toolbox and 3 Step Checklist to Navigating Change – ways of thinking that allow individuals and organizations to navigate change, overcome adversity, and build a better future.

  • Navigate change.
  • Overcome adversity.
  • Build a better future.

Ryan Campbell uses Aussie storytelling to deliver the experience earned tools, mindsets and strategies to not only navigate today, but build a better future. Success is found in one’s ability to swiftly and effectively navigate change and overcome adversity. Ryan provides Individuals and organizations the right tools to work through daily challenges and recover quickly when crisis strikes.

Speaking topics

  • Navigate change quickly and confidently using the proven 3-Step Checklist
  • Find confidence in your ability to overcome all change and challenge through filling your Mindset Toolbox
  • Use change, challenge, crisis and adversity as fuel for building a better future


It was a pleasure to have Ryan as a guest speaker at our product launch event. His storytelling was captivating.
MD Bremont Australia

He's the real deal. Thank you Ryan for speaking to my business, sharing your story and your lessons of perseverance and gratitude. You deliver a captivating keynote with stories that touched us at a deep emotional level. Your inspiration and positivity were infectious. I look forward to our continued journey together. In times like these, we need more Ryan Campbells in the world.
CEO - COR Wellness

Ryan Campbell speaker

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