Sally Foley-Lewis

Sally helps middle managers move and improve! She boosts self-leadership and leadership by helping people reach their potential. She positively impacts effectiveness, confidence and results. With a leadership development career spanning more than 15 years, she has held roles from operational to CEO so she’s seen middle management from every angle! She walks the talk!

She is a global award winning professional speaker, facilitator and executive coach.

The drive to support and skill managers comes from her own senior leadership experiences. Sally delivers presentations, keynote speeches, workshops and coaching – all online and face-to-face – to help skill managers, boost productivity and self-leadership.

Sally has worked with 10,000+ managers and leaders from medium sized to global organisations in Germany, Middle East, Asia, North America and across Australia. She has extensive qualifications, a wicked sense of humour and an ability engage and inspire while making people feel at ease.

Speaking topics

The Middle Matters

The five habits of high performing middle managers

In the dynamic realm of modern business, middle managers play a pivotal role as the bridge between organisational vision and day-to-day operations. In the captivating speech, “The Five Habits of High Performing Middle Managers,” we delve into the essential habits that set apart exceptional middle managers who drive sustainable success.

At its core, this discourse centers on the intrinsic connection between values, self-awareness, legacy, communication, and developing others. A thought-provoking exploration ensues, underscoring how “your values are what you stand for” and how “your legacy says what you stood for.” These mottos resonate as guiding principles for middle managers to align their actions with personal and organizational values, ensuring a legacy that endures.

Emphasizing the notion that “leaders are lifters,” this speech unpacks the power of effective communication as a tool for uplifting teams and fostering a collaborative environment. Furthermore, the critical role of self-awareness in harnessing strengths and mitigating weaknesses is illuminated, showcasing its pivotal influence on managerial excellence.

The pivotal aspect of developing others, cultivating talent, and nurturing growth becomes evident as the speech unfurls. Through poignant anecdotes and empirical evidence, attendees will gain insights into how high-performing middle managers contribute to a culture of empowerment and innovation.

Ultimately, “The Five Habits of High Performing Middle Managers” encapsulates a blueprint for elevating managerial prowess, transcending conventional approaches, and leaving an indelible mark on organisations and individuals alike. This presentation promises to be a transformative experience, inspiring leaders to embrace their roles with renewed zeal, guided by a clear set of values, self-awareness and the commitment to uplift their teams.

Lift Them To Lead

The Middle Matters: Strategies Successful CEOs Use to Lead High Performing Middle Managers - A keynote for your senior leadership

Having skilled and productive middle managers means the strategic vision and direction set by the Board, CEO and Executive are realised effectively and efficiently.

Having engaged and confident mid-level leaders means more value being added to the business’ bottom line.

These middle managers demonstrate their worth tenfold. Many middle managers however see themselves as the meat in the sandwich: and they don’t say this as a positive nor say it this politely! Middle managers are perfectly positioned to inspire down, collaborate across and influence up.

According to the Gallup World Poll, middle managers not only play a part in company success, but they are actually the single most important factor in driving productivity. In this session, Sally Foley-Lewis CSP will share the strategies she’s written in her latest book, THE MIDDLE MATTERS, of how successful CEOs and senior executives lead high performing middle managers.

Audience  takeaways:

  • The Jan Brady (The Brady Bunch) Effect: The state of play for middle managers.
  • Stop spinning plates: Leveraging the perfect positioning of middle managers.
  • Essential strategies successful CEOs deploy to lead high performing middle managers.


Sally’s presentation was engaging, high-energy, and showed a great sense of humor. She answered participants’ questions with lots of “how-to” that demonstrated her depth of experience and knowledge. Her visual diagrams clarified critical relationships and decision points so that people can quickly put ideas into practice. I truly enjoyed her presentation.
President, Learning Wisdom, LLC

Sally delivered an engaging and practical session to the lawyers participating in the QLS Open Day this year. They left with tips to take back and use right away. Time management does not have to be a dirty word!
Snr Legal Project Manager, Clayton Utz

Sally has been the MC for the ICF Australasia Queensland conference in mid October, 2018. She has bought a lot of enthusiasm, professionalism and fun to her MC-ing and it was a great pleasure to work with her.
Leadership & Talent Development, Coaching Team

Sally delivers her sessions with energy, humour, well-founded experience and memorable anecdotes. I walked away feeling energised, and ready to take on my new role with a plan and enthusiasm.
Strategic Planner, Coffs Harbour City Council

Sally was recently the MC for our event and is warm, funny and makes the room safe for everyone to have fun. The feedback has been incredible. Everyone had a fantastic time. She absolutely set the scene and made it a night to remember.
Strategic Communications Expert, Jane Anderson

Sally Foley-Lewis speaker

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Speaker Showreel | Sally Foley-Lewis

Speaker Showreel | Sally Foley-Lewis

Speaker Topics | Sally Foley-Lewis

Speaker Topics | Sally Foley-Lewis

Opening | Sally Foley-Lewis

Opening | Sally Foley-Lewis

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