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Presenter, trainer, author and coach, Sally Learey is an expert in motivating individuals to solve their problems dynamically and create star results in business, management, the workplace, family and personal life. She is a passionate and engaging presenter, facilitator and coach.

With 20 years experience in educational and business environments, Sally is able to capture and motivate audiences with her value adding tools, processes and attitudes. Sally's personal stories, using these techniques to literally save her son's life, take you on an inspirational journey - you will laugh, learn, and share Sally's frustration, fortitude and finally triumph.

Sally's presentations, trainings, coaching programs and books are designed around a fundamental set of learning principles; The 3 'I's.

Immediate: Information and strategies must be immediately actionable and beneficial for participants to obtain buy-in.

Incorporable: Skills, strategies, tools and techniques should be user friendly and able to be easily incorporated into participants' current lives/workplaces/businesses/environments.  Information needs to be transferable and deemed relevant both now and in the future.

Impactful: Over time, results or outcomes need to positively benefit participants and the organisations in which they work. Such results need to be measurable and show improvement across targeted areas such as professional conduct, productivity and performance, workplace morale, health outcomes and teamwork as examples.

Sally has used these principles with audiences and individuals from varying organisations and groups including Coeliac Victoria and Tasmania Inc, Coeliac Research Fund, Geelong Regional Library Corporation, Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, The Gordon Institute, Gateways Support Services and Literary Groups.

Sally is a published authority in her specialty area with her book 'Overcoming Problems: Effective Steps & Strategies to Create Your Blockbuster Life'.  She is also the author of six best-selling children's books.

Prior to this, Sally worked in the areas of primary, secondary and adult education, including 9 years with the RACV in an educator role.  Sally has a degree in Sociology and Psychology, Diplomas in Primary Education, Secondary Education and Professional Counselling, and qualifications in Training and Coaching.

Presentation Topics

Problems: The New Black - 'Solving Problems Dynamically to Create Star Results'
We've all heard the phrase, "it's not a problem, it's an opportunity," more often than not from someone who wants the problem solved. That can be okay in theory, but how do we embrace the problem and turn it into an opportunity to create star results in reality?

This presentation looks at how the process used by the best problem-solvers can be decoded into a repeatable set of actions that can used by all of us. You'll hear about the tools, the process and the mindset that can truly turn a 'problem into an opportunity' and how these techniques can be used to create star results in your business and life. 

Sally's unique combination of humour, stories and intellect is sure to leave you inspired to transform your problems into success.  Problems...they ARE the new black.

Communicate for success - 'Moving others through words'
As an author of 7 books, Sally understands the power of words. This presentation looks at how and why 'words matter' when we are looking to achieve results, make an impact and improve effectiveness in business.  Sally's warmth and passion shine through as she shares her insight into various aspects of corporate communication whilst giving you the tools to translate that insight into action.  You will leave this presentation with the motivation and skillset to confidently communicate for success.

Workshop Topics
How to Become a Star Employee/Employer - '
Essential Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes to Activate in the Workplace'
This workshop focuses on increasing employee/employer motivation, autonomy and productivity in the workplace using the principles of dynamic problem solving.

Communication Skills for Success
This workshop examines the tools, techniques and mindset required to create a powerful and successful communication style.


Sally is an extremely warm and friendly person and her presentation was just right for our organisation - she was able to convey her personal, family and business development messages with professionalism and passion. Very positive feedback.
- Executive Officer, Coeliac Victoria and Tasmania Inc.

Sally's presentation was inspiring and most helpful for our team.
- Co-ordinator, Lifestyle Domain South Valley

Sally is an excellent trainer. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and highly interactive presentation style keeps participants engaged, wanting to know more. She has the unique ability to connect with each participant, encouraging and valuing input to maximise learning outcomes. Sally is both professional and approachable and I would highly recommend her training skills.
- Director, Bounce Consulting

Sally Learey speaker

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Sally Learey - Overcoming Problems

Sally Learey - Overcoming Problems

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