Sally Williams

Sally Williams is a much loved and versatile television presenter. A former international model, Sally has been present in our lounge rooms touching the hearts of Australians for over 18 years as the face of many high profile advertising campaigns (Ford, Great Chef’s Show You How, Jet Set Travel and most recently the Focus Series for Channel 7). She has also hosted New Idea TV, Focus Series Special Editions, Building Your Dreams, What’s Cooking and Ernie & Denise.

She is however best know for her role as the current presenter for the very successful Brand Power series of television commercials. Sally presents commercials for a range of fast moving consumer goods and has developed a strong national following for her credibility and style. Alongside Brand Power, Sally is also the face of their ‘Home Test Club’ and presents various commercial formats related to the Brand Power concept.

Sally has been the pioneer of this new wave of television advertising and puts it’s remarkable success down to regular genuine connection with the audience and her communication of accurate, valuable and reliable information. Sally feels privileged to have assisted her audience with informed decisions, in fact from audience feedback it appears she has become the “consumer’s lifeline to the commercial world...trusted and respected.”

Sally balances warmth, honesty, and down to earth qualities with professionalism, focus and a drive to maintain her own high standards.

Sally’s energy is infectious, when you work with her you will soon discover the magic she brings to the screen is abundantly present both on and off the camera.

Sally is feeling excited about what the future holds. In her continuing role as the face of Brand Power, she is enjoying watching the concept go from strength to strength, showing great results for the advertisers whilst still providing valuable clear choices for the consumer.

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