Sam is a thought leader and expert in not only bouncing back, but bouncing forward. He is the CEO for Empowering Enterprises and has been featured in USA Today and the New York Times. He is also a State Winner for the Young Australian of the Year.

In October 2006 Sam’s life changed forever when he was involved in a major car accident, where he was pronounced dead. He was thankfully resuscitated, but left with an amputated right arm and a permanent disability in his right leg.

Forever the opportunist Sam is in high demand as a professional keynote speaker and lives and breaths his messages. Sam is at the forefront of global trends and has the unique ability to transform impossibilities into possible realities. Sam’s thought leadership and research is in peak performance, communication mastery and corporate turnarounds.

Sam has a diverse background within the Australian Federal Government as a Youth Futurist and is also a highly skilled musician. Raised in Tasmania, now lives in Balmain Sydney with his wife, Kate and three children, Sam is obsessed to see everyone reach their fullest potential. Sam also brags as having the most advanced bionic arm in the world which he programs with his latest iPhone.

Sam walks his talk, and it is through his experience that his authentic message is heard. After all we only have one life...

Key points:

  • The CEO and Founder of a BRW Fast 100 Company
  • TEDx Speaker trainer and creator of the worlds first Virtual Reality presenter training experience
  • 2015 Edupreneur of the Year and 2009 Young Australian of the Year
  • International New York Times Best Seller and Author of 6 Books who has keynoted in 36 Countries for over 10 years
  • On-stage every week in his own training college, Sam Cawthorn's style is highly engaging, very informative and very, very funny
  • Had a major accident a few years ago leaving him with a disability which he embraces and uses to his advantage
  • Perfect as a keynote opener on day one together with a workshop. He also can close a conference with a guaranteed standing ovation leaving everyone inspired and transformed.


Bounce Forward

How to Transform Crisis Into Success (Jam packed with the latest in resilience and positive psychology research and practical tips to apply them)

Storytelling Vs Storyshowing

How to win the hearts and minds of every employee and customer instantly. (This message is very practical with tangible tips, tricks and hilarious inspiring stories)

Asleep at the Wheel

A story of overcoming the odds and achieving fulfilment and success even when acquiring a permanent disability in the prime of life. (Sam's signature keynote that doesn't leave a dry eye in a room, but inspires and transforms everyone to not take life for granted)

Mastering Communication for Influence and Persuasion

Be inspired through a master storyteller and artist that takes you to the realms of possibilities in communication mastery.


Your story should be one that inspires everyone and it was delivered with wonderful enthusiasm, humour and humility. Our clients appreciated having an opportunity to hear from a "non-financial" speaker who can offer a different perspective on life and what is important
- CEO Shadforths Limited

Sam's presentation is one that inspires and motivates all in a story of great courage and determination, his enthusiastic style and love of life is second to none.
- CEO Beaconsfeild Foundation

Sam has that unique ability to have everyone on their feet laughing one minute and then listening attentively in silence the next. He touched and inspired everyone in the auditorium from our young trainees to the oldest member of the audience with his honest, funny and moving stories
- CEO Work & Training

Sam has the energy, ability and story that captivate audiences. He is a master of the platform.
- International Ambassador - The International Federation For Professional Speakers.

Sam has a way of spekaing that not only inspires but makes you feel like you've known him for years after the first smile. His message is one that is at once simple enough to be grasped by everyone who has ever struggled with a problem in their lives, yet profound enough that they could dedicate their lives to follow it.
- Learning and Development Leader Google

Thank you for doing such a brilliant job closing our NSAA convention. Your confident, cheeky style and very powerful personal story was exactly what we needed to end our 4 day event. I wish you every success with your international speaking engagements in 2009 and with your guitar playing.
- Executive Officer - National Speakers Association Australia NSAA

You are a profoundly loving, giving human being. I feel humbled to comment on the amazing gift that you gave us this afternoon. Your soul is beaming out of you. I have to say that you are incredibly unique in your ability to have people see you! You said SO many 'wow' factor stories that had so many learning's in them. You are so fresh, your material is so unique – it's you... I could go on and on about your technical ability, but I believe that you have an innate intuitiveness to know what the audience needs. You have a power that is rare and a gift that is even rarer. Please know that you will go on to help people to heal and deal with their pains and their denials. Your humour, your modulation, your depth, your intellect, your compassion, your courage – this all adds up to create a speaker of the best international standard. You will be one of the world's greatest speakers and influences. I know this from the deepest part of my soul. Thank you. I feel blessed.
- Terry Hawkins - Mind Language, International Speaker

WOW what an amazing story! Sam was very inspiring and also very engaging, had people laughing but also his story is very moving and makes people look at their own life in a very different light and take every moment as a new challenge!
- Events Manager - Commonwealth Bank

You are the most extraordinary person that I've ever met. Your courage and will to overcome adversity is commendable. I truly feel privileged to have witnessed such an amazing talent. You are changing the world one person at a time. You've changed me.
- Senior Customer Solutions Engineer, Google

He is gorgeous! Heard him before and he is so inspiring.
- Intimo

Inspiring and entertaining the room was transfixed by Sam's message of optimism in both business and in life.
- CEO Citibank

Extraordinary, if you’ve met Sam its a unique experience.
- Prime Minister of Australia

We had our School Leaders Breakfast this morning and I have to say how impressed I was with Sam’s personal skills and presentation. He was speaking to a crowd of about 160, and there were students from as young as 11 right up to 18, parents, teachers and senior staff from Council. Absolutely everyone was focused on Sam for the duration of his speech and we all loved the interactive and engaging techniques he employed. I’d like to say a big thank you to you, Sharm, for recommending Sam for the job (he was perfect for it!) Once again, thank you for all of your assistance, our event was all the brighter thanks to Sam’s illuminating performance.
- Communication & Media Information Officer Cessnock City Council

Sam Cawthorn speaker

Speaker Video

Sam Cawthorn - 5 Minutes with O
Sam Cawthorn - Bounce
Sam Cawthorn - Bureau showreel
Sam Cawthorn - Speaker Demo
Sam Cawthorn - Melbourne Showcase 2010

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