Samantha Brett

Samantha Brett is the Founder & CEO of Australian brand, Naked Sundays, one of Australia’s leading Millennial sunscreen brands with world-first multitasking skincare-makeup benefits for the face and body.

Samantha, a former national TV news reporter and anchor, spent her days on assignment as a Breaking News journalist for Channel Seven, Sunrise, outside all day in the blazing sun with a full face of makeup. Despite the prevalence of skin cancer in Australia, Samantha quickly found very few sunscreens on the market, if any, catered specifically to be able to top up her sunscreen doing the day.

After witnessing two colleagues have to get skin cancer removals and alarmed by the statistics (70% of 16-30 year olds are at high risk for melanoma, yet only 70% wear SPF everyday), Samantha knew something needed to be done. Born out of necessity, she created the first-ever SPF designed to be applied over makeup.

Samantha Brett is a familiar face on global television screens, having been a national TV news reporter and anchor for over a decade, appearing on Australian networks including, Sky News, CBS, CNN and Australia’s #1 breakfast television show Sunrise.

Samantha is also a bestselling author of 10 books, including co-author of the bestseller “The Game Changers” which features one of the only interviews with Meghan Markle before the announcement she was dating Prince Harry.

Speaking topics

Female Empowerment

As the co-author of the bestselling book "The Game Changers", Sam delves into how far women have come and what the future holds.

Motherhood and The Juggle

As the author of two books aimed at modern parents, Samantha Brett has delved into how to deal with "the juggle" and how to survive in the world of modern parenting.

The Modern Dating / Relationship Zeitgeist

As Australia's #1 columnist for over six years, Samantha has written six books about dating and relationships and through her column, became an expert in the modern dating zeitgeist, featured on radio and television around the world talking about the quirky, fun, weird and serious when it comes to modern relationships.

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