Samurai Self Leadership

The SAMURAI Self-Leadership programme is a development process that builds commitment amongst a group of people within an Organisation to become leaders and champions of change. This change begins with them; it begins with defining what they need to
'become' in order to make a real sustainable difference to the Organisation they serve. This is more than just a task or an intellectual
It is for this reason that the SAMURAI programme focuses strongly on the emotional quotient, not just the intellectual aspects of self-leadership. In fact we have found that the majority of success is in the emotional domain. What we mean by the emotional
domain includes:
Team agreement (being more interested in winning than "beingright"),
Experiencing the bond of a team,
Having fun,
Creating mutual support and building others for success.

The group will come away with a very strong sense of self-belief to initiate and contribute in the most positive and effective manner. To be leaders of change within the Organisation they serve they will learn that the first great quality of a leader is in the way they create 'purpose' in what they do. With 'purpose', people find real meaning and motivation to be part of something, beyond just feeling they are there to do work. 'Purpose' is the one great thing that attracts people and pulls them along.

The first great quality of a Leader is in the way they create 'Purpose'.

It is the key enabler that takes people beyond compliance, to an area where discretionary effort is the norm. The challenge of every leader is to unlock that potential from within themselves and the people they work with. When as a Leader you know what your purpose is, and you are deeply committed to achieving it, you maximise your own potential and influence positively the people you work with. You become someone who is a magnet for others, and this magnetism emanates from your clear direction.

Unique Features of the SAMURAI Programme

- Driven by a truly unique experiential component that allows an individual tosafely explore his or her own limiting beliefs.
- Engages the team on three levels - business, team and individual.
- Has a special finale that brings all the theory and activities into a profound experience
- Creates a process of enquiry that allows people to expand their view of the environment around them.
- Offers business tools that maximise the engagement of all participants in delivering their business outcomes
- Tackles the mindsets that impact the success or failure of implementing plans.
- Creates a framework to clarify where the Organisation is in its lifecycle including cultural beliefs and mindsets and what it needs to do to move on to its next stageof growth.

Business Mix
- 50% Business
- 15% Team and
- 35% Self

Workshop Outcomes
1. Develops within the leadership group ownership and commitment to the future direction of the Organisation.
2. Builds an energized team with a Common Purpose.
3. Opens to paradigms for operating in the business world.
4. Imbeds a strong understanding of what focus, commitment and follow through means to the style of Leadership needed to take the Organisation forward.
5. Builds committed drivers of change within the Organisation.
6. Establishes a commonality of language and meaning around leadership in the Organisation.
7. Creates an environment of action oriented leadership

Experiential Component - Kendo
Out on the lawn early in the morning with the Kendo Masters the program commences with stretches and warm ups and then the group begins the journey in the art of Japanese Sword Fencing. Areas covered include:
- Self Trust
- Trusting Others
- Intuition
- Focussing
- Commitment
- Spirit and
Samurai Self Leadership speaker

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