Sarah Morse

A former (NSW) Young Australian of the Year, Sarah draws on 20 years as a nurse and humanitarian to bring a uniquely global and deeply human perspective to the way humans think, work and behave.

Specialising in cancer services and palliative care, and having worked with some of the world’s poorest people, Sarah is known for her deep commitment to nursing the human spirit.

Through her personal experience of burnout, Sarah believes that empowering people to thrive in the workplace is pivotal to a healthy workforce.

Most recently, Sarah worked as a Health Advisor in a safe house in Spain for survivors of human trafficking. In her current role as Director of Unchained Solutions, Sarah inspires Australians to be leaders in making an impact on modern slavery.

Speaking topics

Cultivating a Culture of COURAGE

The pandemic has changed all of us in some way. Many people are unable to put their finger on it, but know they feel different. While some are burnt out, others are struggling to return to life after lockdown, or maintaining culture in a hybrid environment. Through the use of humour and masterful storytelling, Sarah delivers a captivating message that is relevant for every person grappling with a changing workplace.

This keynote is relevant to anywhere there are people. Through the use of the acronym COURAGE (Connection, Outward Focus, Unity, Resilience, Authenticity, Gratitude and Empathy), it is divided into 7 easily digestible chunks. In consultation with your event planners, these can be mixed and matched and intermingled with stories which will inspire your specific audience.

Key takeaways:

  • The power of human connection to heal and thrive
  • Tangible tools to start cultivating a culture of COURAGE in your workforce.
  • Better workplace culture leads to higher productivity, lower staff turnover, and less sick days.
  • Be proactive about developing culture in a hybrid environment

CPR for your health team: Revive, Survive & Thrive.

As a Registered Nurse, who specialises in palliative care, Sarah has the ability to connect with health professionals and create a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Sarah demonstrates how to identify burnout and moral injury and provides strategies on how your workforce can overcome it by cultivating a culture of COURAGE. Through the use of humour and masterful storytelling, Sarah inspires her audience to connect with each other, and find healing from moral injury through empathy and human connection.

This keynote is specifically designed for health and allied health professionals, and health executives. It is best placed as an opening Keynote at health conferences. This keynote helps to open up the audience and encourages them into meaningful connection.

Key takeaways:

  • Identifying burnout and moral injury in the health workforce
  • Using the power of human connection and empathy to begin to heal
  • An investment in team culture
  • Better workplace culture leads to higher productivity, lower staff turnover, and less sick days.

STOP Slavery: Changing lives through sustainable supply chains

In this powerful keynote, Sarah tackles the issue of modern slavery with courage and energy. She makes a difficult topic inspiring and easy to understand, while also unpacking the risk to business, operations and supply chains if modern slavery is not addressed. Speaking from first hand experience of working with survivors of human trafficking, Sarah sheds light on this dark side of humanity.

This keynote is aimed at procurement and supply chain professionals, C-Suite and board members who need to comply with the Modern Slavery Act. It also includes people within companies who want to make an impact on modern slavery and who seek a sustainable and ethical workplace. This also applies to the health workforce, and addressing modern slavery in health supply chains.

Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of what Modern Slavery is and how it impacts supply chains
  • A clear outline of how to comply with the Modern Slavery Act (NSW and Commonwealth)
  • Addressing modern slavery risk in supply chains could save money, save your reputation, and save lives

Facilitator/ MC for On-Stage and Online Events

As a virtual or in-person conference host/MC, Sarah brings fresh, positive energy and engages with audiences while sharing her unique global perspective and insights.

As an MC or event host, Sarah will ensure your event flows seamlessly. Her content is relevant and her stage presence is always uplifting. You can rely on her to ensure the audience is engaged, even if they are watching from home.

Sarah Morse speaker

Speaker Video

Sarah Morse - Fatimas Story

Sarah Morse - Fatimas Story

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