Scott is the Conflict Whisperer and the Fun Maker! Scott is known as the most engaging, insightful & fun speaker in the conflict resolution arena. He has presented to more than 10,000 professionals and is in high demand as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

Scott has been awarded CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation - the highest international measure of speaking competence. He is accredited as one of Australia's top 100 certified speaking professionals by the Professional Speakers Australia (PSA) and is recognised by the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) as among the top 12% of professional speakers worldwide.

Not only is Scott passionate about sharing how to mindfully transform conflict into connection, he also loves having fun and is all about creating an energising and uplifting experience. Scott delivers mindful conflict insights, strategies and skills that will heighten self-awareness and promote mutual understanding – with humour!

Scott is the Founder & Company Director of Fighting Fair – the leading conflict resolution training + services consultancy. His knowledge and expertise is sought by leaders across all sectors. Scott's qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Bachelor of Science (BSC. - Psych. Major). He is a member of the Professional Speakers Australia (PSA), the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), a practitioner member of the Australian Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA), a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).


Conflict Intelligence (CI): Develop your conflict smarts

How tired are we of getting tangled up in that conflict web? Of repeating those same old, same old conflict patterns? We are all aware of the cost of conflict not only in the workplace but also in our own personal lives. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to understand and transform conflict so we usually end up repeating the same mistakes – and that’s stressful.

Scott gets conflict and he is passionate about sharing the future of conflict - Conflict Intelligence®. CI is a new approach to conflict resolution that enables us to not only clearly identify conflict dynamics but also gives us the conflict IQ (insight, mindset & action) to consciously connect and build collaborative understanding with others.

Enjoy your conflict!

Session overview

In this engaging and informative (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  1. How to get ahead of the curve and invite the new paradigm of conflict resolution - Conflict Intelligence (CI) - to build healthy, dynamic and sustainable relationships.
  2. How to increase Conflict IQ (insight, mindset & action) via the CI model to realise next-level workplace communication.
  3. How to avoid the 3 common conflict traps that fuel conflict, disconnect relationships and jeopardise our individual & organisational wellbeing.
  4. How to practice the 5 CI conscious choices to successfully transform conflict into connection in both our personal and professional lives.

Audience members will leave this presentation with increased CI and the pathway for greater peace – both personally and professionally. Conflict Intelligence is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day workshop.

Difficult to Connected Conversations: DCs made easy

Yikes! How much do we look forward to those difficult and necessary conversations? A DC is anything you find hard to talk about but know that you need to. Mmmm…The issue is often how to start those sensitive conversations that will invite open and constructive dialogue. When interactions become difficult, emotions can often escalate and communication can break down. We often fear having the difficult conversation as we are concerned that we may make the situation worse – so we may try to avoid it or if we know we have to have it, we may try and blunder through it.

Scott shares (with humour!) the necessary understanding, skills and confidence to successfully transform that conversation from difficult (+ challenging + tough + unwanted) to connected + confident through a clear and concise 3-step process.

Yep, that DC just got that much easier!

Session overview

In Scott’s engaging and informative (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  1. How to transform a difficult (+ challenging + tough + unwanted) conversation to a connected + confident conversation.
  2. How to develop a mindset with an intent that invites open and authentic communication.
  3. How to practice a 3-step process that ensures the transformation of conflict into connection and the strengthening of relationship.
  4. How to implement key strategies to deal with challenges while remaining mindfully centred within the chaos of conflict.

Audience members will leave this presentation with the essential insight and process to successfully transform difficult conversations into connected + confident conversations. Difficult Conversations is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended workshop.

Mindful Team Culture (MTC): Moving beyond complain & blame

What kind of conflict dynamic drives your team culture? Is it the ‘us vs them’ blame game, the gossip-monger, the pass-the-buck or the down-hearted & disengaged? Whichever, whatever, the ‘complain & blame’ conflict culture is destructive - impacting negatively on workplace wellbeing, creativity and productivity. Lightbulb (aha!) moment! It does not have to be that way. Flip that old conflict mindset and experience conflict as an incredible opportunity for positive transformation, insight and collaborative growth in your team. Yep, truly all possible – if we approach conflict mindfully.

Scott understands the connection between mindfulness, conflict and team culture. He is passionate about sharing with us – Mindful Team Culture (MTC) - the practice of approaching conflict mindfully with the authentic intent of creating understanding, connection and transformation. With both great humour and insight, Scott reveals how the principles and process of Mindful Team Culture (MTC) will transform your team from conflicted to connected, disengaged to dynamic, problem-saturated to solution-focused.

#best team ever!

Session overview

In Scott’s engaging and informative (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  1. How to create a Mindful Team Culture (MTC) mindset that enables teams to move beyond a ‘complain and blame’ conflict culture to a next-level MTC whereby all team members choose to consciously invest and responsibly share in the co-creation of a healthy, empowered and sustainable culture.
  2. How to identify potentially destructive conflict dynamics that threaten to derail the team culture & productivity with the early intervention MTC assessment tool.
  3. How to implement the MTC blueprint to transform your team via a collaborative 4-step process that will invigorate team culture and create positive organisational change.
  4. How to grow and sustain a next-level MTC by aligning (lived) purpose-values-behaviour and integrating ongoing inquiry to ensure team wellbeing + connectedness.

Audience members will leave this presentation with the essential insight, knowledge and process to move beyond the costs of toxic team dynamics to successfully create, build and sustain the benefits of a healthy, empowered and positive team culture. MTC is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or a 1-2 day workshop.


"If you're looking for a highly skilled facilitator in the area of building effective teams, mediation, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence then make sure you utilise the expertise of Scott Dutton and Fighting Fair. Scott's innovative, creative, interactive and fun delivery of his workshop content keeps participants highly engaged at all times. Scott has a vast selection of training to suit all needs and all levels of experience and is happy to tailor individual group requirements. I highly recommend Scott's training for anyone who works with people regardless of whether you work in the Community or Corporate sector."
- Chris Soderiou Team Leader, Melbourne City Mission

"I was fortunate to participate in Scott's Conflict Intelligence presentation at NFPP Conference 2017. What a game changer! Conflict resolution and mediation done right, and with personality! I highly recommend connecting with Scott and harnessing some of his passion for conflict."
- Erin Wilson RTO Manager Brite Institute (Brite Services)

"We have hired Scott on a number of occasions to come present and facilitate workshops to our workforce. Scott is very gifted in what he does and comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge. One standout is Scott’s natural ability to engage a room full of people and to keep his audience captivated with his quirky yet highly effective facilitation style. I personally have always got a lot out of attending Scott’s sessions and have also seen first hand our workforce apply what they have learned."
- Aaron Pimlott A/Operations Manager QLD & NSW at The Salvation Army Australia

"It is a pleasure to participate in any of Scott presentation trainings. He is gifted and highly skilled in engaging with larger or smaller number groups. Scott talents and his versatile manner of delivering training in a range of complex areas of communication has demonstrated to be quite successful across the teams I managed. Four months ago Scott delivered a two days training in “Team Culture Development”, the feedback was amazing highlighting results in team cohesion, better communication and most of all learning with a fun element in which Scott is a natural. As a manager I would highly recommend, if you are serious about building your team performance contact Scott for a personalised service and genuine support. Thank you Scott."
- Regional Program Manager Youth & Homelesssness Sevices at Uniting

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