Sebastian Terry never set out to be on the speaking circuit. He is somewhat of an "accidental" speaker. This seems only to contribute to the incredible resonance audiences have with Sebastian and his quest to complete 100 Things.  Through his message and demeanour, he is effortlessly capturing every single audience he presents to.  
Sebastian set himself a list of 100 things to do.  Essentially these 100 things came into existence after the death of a young friend. Sebastian simply asked of himself what many of us have asked ourselves.  If this was to be the last day of my life, what would I wish I had done but never did?   Taking the time to explore this question after his friend's death gave Sebastian the momentum and motivation he needed.  He set himself 100 things with the goal of ticking every single one-off.  Marrying a stranger in Las Vegas. Living homeless on the streets of Sydney for 1 week. Living in Africa with Masai warriors. Visiting an inmate on Oklahoma's Death Row. Delivering a baby. Throwing a dart at a map and travelling wherever it lands! These are few of the extraordinary items Seb has already ticked off his list.

It's remarkable how Seb has un-intentionally created so much positive attention. What started out as one man's life 'to do' list has transcended into something much bigger.  He openly shares his life experiences and refreshing outlook on life. His keynote is certainly humorous and a packed adventure. It's more than a story about 'what I have done' it's a story dedicated to the person 'postponing' life, too afraid and too busy being busy. Seb reminds us what it is to be human and to live the life we want, not the life others expect from us. It's a timely reminder that we have a choice and can begin something today, whether its 100 or 1 thing to do for ourselves or others.

Along the way, Sebastian strives to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality (Item # 4), a great organisation creating happiness for children and families affected by Cancer. The 100 things movement has expanded as the word spreads. Seb has created raving fans and well wishes around the globe. They admire the fact that this young man, often with no money or resources, makes no excuses and keeps himself open to opportunities. Perhaps Seb will even tell you about his book and how this came to exist by accepting opportunities.  It's been quite a ride until now and the story keeps growing as Seb continues to tackle his list. He has even helped others accomplish items on their 100 things and tells about the joy and feeling of success by serving others.

It is tempting to describe Sebastian as inspirational, but it feels somewhat cliche and overused in this context. Authentic, memorable and unexpected are 3 words Ovations have chosen to describe this young man.  Sebastian exudes humanity and zest for life and everyone in it, in such a way people truly understand and respect.  By example, he leads audiences to understand we can have what we desire in our own lives no matter who we are, or what we do.  As a speaker, Sebastian has a calm commanding presence on stage, enthusiastic but never 'over the top'. People often don't expect to learn so much about themselves from this 20 something...or to laugh so hard. Sebastian has already spoken to some of Australia's top companies in domestic and international locations to rave reviews.  This delighted client sums him up well: " His tale of fulfilling 100 goals (serious and quirky), awakens a simple and effective message that is applicable and relevant to any business environment or audience.

Sebastian's keynote is a humorous, action-packed adventure dedicated to anyone who has ever worried about their age or dreamt about living every day like it was their last. If you are looking for a one of a kind speaker who is refreshing and relevant to speak at your event Sebastian is sure to be right on brief.  The team at Ovations have been working with Sebastian from the beginning and would be happy to talk to you about his suitability for your audience.


Sebastian, your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and thought-provoking. The 7am presentation could have easily been a challenging task, but you captured everyone with your energy, passion and humility. The 100 Things concept is such a refreshing topic and one that should be shared with all! Since your talk, there's been lots of discussion around the office about what's on everyone's lists! I would happily recommend you to any group looking for an engaging, one-of-a-kind speaker.
Warringah Council

Thank you for your fantastic presentation at last week's Guardian Conference in Hawaii. The feedback that I have received from everyone who attended has been nothing short of outstanding. Your presentation was informative, entertaining and most of all, inspiring, and I know many people throughout the remainder of the conference kept your amazing journey in their minds and will hopefully take the time to achieve some of their own goals. Thanks again for your time, and also for having a drink with a few of us after your presentation. I know that it was greatly appreciated.
Executive Manager, Guardian

Sebastian presented at our annual event for the highest achievers in the company. When looking for a motivation speaker, I couldn't go past Sebastian Terry's story. Not only was his story different to the those on the speakers circuit at the moment, but he is such a personable character you can't help but be captivated by the enthusiasm he has for his quest and for the reasons behind doing it. It stirs that passion of wanting to achieve more in your own life. Fantastic!
Telstra, Event Specialist

Sebastian Terry provides the perfect mix of a thought-provoking message delivered in an engaging, energetic and humorous style that will set an upbeat tone for a great event. Professional Investment Services has employed Sebastian for a number of functions including a national roadshow, 'Affording Your Bucket List', and as the welcome speaker for the 15th annual conference (Las Vegas). His tale of fulfilling 100 goals (serious and quirky), awakens a simple and effective message that is applicable and relevant to any business environment or audience. The response to Sebastian's presentations has been overwhelmingly positive. We continue to receive comments about how much his presentation is enjoyed. Without a doubt, Sebastian is one of the most entertaining and popular speakers we have experienced. Sebastian, thank you for sharing your message with us. You have actively inspired our stakeholders - clients, accountants, financial advisers and staff.
CEO Strategy and Development, PIS

First and foremost, thank you! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful presenter/guest speaker throughout our 2013 International Series. From filtering through our feedback forms, you've been described countless times as motivational, inspirational, thought-provoking and an eye-opener. For a session with the objective of encouraging goal-setting amongst our clients, this type of feedback was exactly what we were after, so we really appreciate your efforts in tailoring your story/presentation to suit our objectives.

Sebastian Terry speaker

Speaker Video

Sebastian Terry - Sizzle reel
SC Featured The List - ESPN Video
Inspirationalist - 100 Things at WORLDZ 2016
Sebastian Terry - Sydney Showcase 2012
Sebastian Terry - Brisbane Showcase 2012

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