"I dance for art, I teach for fitness and fun". Seda Jurin Seda Jurin was born in Istanbul, Turkey, as she grew up her love of belly dance was inherited from her culture and her family history.

Amongst her family, grandmother and aunt were famous belly dancers and her sister is currently one of Turkey's leading top dancers.

Seda's professional career started when she was only 13 years old as a leading dancer in the most famous dancing group in Turkey at the time, "Tolgahan" and became very successful, being hailed as 'The best dancer in Turkey'.

Later on, she was discovered by Turkey's most famous singer/ producer Ibrahim Tatlises, who was influential in Seda's movie debut who starred in her movie in the leading roll as a belly dancer, continuing on to appear in several other movies, video clips and a television series in Turkey.

Live performances have been another major highlight for Seda, who has toured all around Turkey, dancing for numerous Royalties at festivals and for many televised events. Her passion for her career has taken her to Italy, England, Dubai and Santiago.

Now, living and residing in Sydney, Seda is taking on her art form to new levels and heights nationally. Her reputation in the industry placed her as one of the judges at the First Annual Bellydance Competition - 2003, held at the Enmore Theatre.

Whilst in Sydney, Seda has worked with an agency starring in a number of television commercials with the American Channel WGN appearing as a drama dancer, produced by ATTIK Production Sydney. She also appeared in a short film festival as a belly dancer.

She has performed and taught at The Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival, which is Australia's largest belly dance event. She has had the opportunity to work in various television commercials and her most recent television appearance was as a special guest belly dance instructor on "Ozstyle Aerobics," in Network 10.

Seda's live performance at "Cairo to Cappadocia" at Enmore Theatre, marked the birth of her new and unique dance style, "SEDADANCE" which already many have described as an aerobic style Bellydance and it is a very enjoyable and creative fitness routine.

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