From the moment she flicked open her first magazine at 12 years old, Shannon Fricke knew that her career would be in magazine publishing. That career has now spanned the past 12 years. In that time she's held positions as beauty editor, style editor and editor on magazines ranging from CLEO to Australian Good Taste, editing books for Gourmet Traveller and CLEO along the way.

Buying her first house and the arrival of her two children coinciding with its renovation meant a welcome shift to the home and an ensuing love affair with renovating and interior design that couldn't be ignored! Freelancing as an interior stylist and writer for magazines seemed like one way to indulge her passion. However, it's her role as on-air interior stylist for The LifeStyle Channel's award-winning series Home that has really enabled her to roll up her sleeves, presenting her with one of the most inspiring and fulfilling creative challenges ever.

For Shannon Fricke, it's simple. Home is a sanctuary. It should nurture, support and entertain. In fact simplicity and enjoyment of life are high on Shannon's agenda.

"My aim is to go into real people's homes and create some longevity and substance. It's not about chasing the latest fads and fashions, and it's not about cheap and cheerfuls. I want to provide a substantial vision, and what I hope is that people will be encouraged to find their own style."

Shannon has been with The LifeStyle Channel for over five years and was voted Favourite Female Subscription Television Presenter at the 2005 ASTRA Awards. Her first book, Sense of Style: Colour was published in September 2006 and her second book, Sense of Style: Space will be released later this year. She is a jeans and t-shirt girl, whose genuine warmth and natural style is infectious.

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