Shaun Kenny

Sydney NSW, Australia

Shaun Kenny is one of Asia Pacific’s most in-demand speakers and educators, having delivered 1,000+ sessions to 150,000+ people in the past decade with some of the world’s great companies.

In his role as mentor and advisor, Shaun has an up close and personal perspective of the challenges executives and leaders are grappling with in this rapidly changing world of work.

An economist by training, Shaun translates the latest insights of behavioural economics and neuroeconomics into practical tools that professionals can use for immediate impact. Shaun has also used his deep expertise in design thinking to help blue-chip clients embed cultures of empathy-driven innovation.

Previously in management consulting, he holds a Bachelor of Economics degree and a Masters of International Business, both from Sydney University.

Outside of work, Shaun is husband to his high school sweetheart, a father of two and is a keen (yet vertically challenged) basketball player.


The future of leadership

In this burgeoning age of artificial intelligence, automation and algorithms, skills that have been highly valued for decades are on the verge of becoming obsolete.

Not just routine, physical jobs, but high-level, cognitive skills long thought to be irreplaceable. We are all at risk of becoming dinosaurs. And so are the organisations we lead.

In order to navigate this uncertain future, forward-thinking organisations, optimistic teams and bold leaders need to change. To grow the capabilities that will set them apart now and in the future.

In this challenging keynote Shaun picks apart the capabilities and qualities that leaders will need to develop to thrive in the next 10, 20, 30 years and makes the case for why not all leaders will be able to make the leap to next generation leadership.

In this keynote Shaun will explore:

  • · The 3 major ways the nature of the problems we will face in the future will be different to now
  • · The 6 key capabilities that leaders need to develop to thrive in a time of reduced demand for technical skill-sets and more demand for adaptive problem-solving
  • · The good news that many of the most highly-prized skills of the coming decades will be those that are most uniquely human (as these will be the most difficult to replace), and the simultaneous bad news that these skills are some of the most difficult to acquire.

The Future of Leadership is an ideal standalone conference keynote or extended experiential session (see The Future of Leadership EXPERIENCE).

The smiling ox paradox®

Have you ever met a person who seemed to have influence wherever they went and with whomever they met? Someone universally admired and respected, with that special ability to get others to effortlessly follow their lead?

There is something mysteriously irresistible about these individuals that gives them a rare power in our world: an ability to persuade and motivate other individuals, to mobilise teams and to shape organisations.

What if there was a scientific way we could explain their powerful influence? And what if we could translate these insights into practical strategies and tactics? Then we could transform our own ability to become one of these extraordinary people: a person others are compelled to follow.

In this entertaining, dynamic and audience-interactive keynote presentation, Shaun works with the audience to:

  • · Reveal the latest social science research into how humans make judgements of other humans and how there are actually 2 key qualities that account for more than 90% of the impressions we make on other people (a startling result!)
  • · Discover 10 practical strategies to take control of how we are perceived by customers, clients, colleagues or any other important stakeholders in our lives (yes, even spouses!)
  • · Create a personally tailored action plan that can be implemented immediately to become a more compelling leader, a more persuasive professional or a more successful salesperson.

The Smiling Ox Paradox® is the ideal standalone conference keynote. Additionally, an extended half or full day program also includes access to the world-first The Smiling Ox Paradox® psychometric assessment tool.

Are you a behavioural engineer yet?

Organisations the world over are trying to transform or evolve their cultures to be more collaborative, innovative, productive, resilient and agile. Essentially, more competitive. This requires behaviour change on a mass scale and yet almost all attempts within organisations to achieve behaviour change fail. Miserably.

In this revelatory keynote Shaun unpacks an innovative and game-changing methodology that will transform how you approach the enterprise of changing behaviour in your organisation. He calls this approach behavioural engineering.

In this keynote Shaun will explore:

  • · The 6 major reasons why changing behaviour is so hard
  • · The 3 keys to making a behaviour more sticky
  • · The power of ‘micro’ and how to backward engineer big organisational or team goals into their constituent micro behaviours so change can be effectively sequenced and ‘success momentum’ achieved
  • · How to run behavioural engineering experiments in your own organisations and be a change agent for good.

This work is game changing for all those who grasp its practical implications. Are you a Behavioural Engineer yet? is an ideal standalone conference keynote or extended half or full day program.

Shaun Kenny speaker

A massive thank you to you both for all your assistance from selecting to co-ordinating the speakers for our annual ProLoan conference. Feedback was that this year’s speakers where the best they had EVER heard at ANY event. So this is pretty amazing, because they do go to a lot of sessions like these.

Director of Network Relationships - Proloan (aust) pty ltd

Again this year you and your team have been fantastic and extremely helpful.  In regards to you Sharm, you have been an absolute star and phenomenal help with our speakers and presenters, a great communicator, wealth of knowledge and so prompt with responding and looking at ways to cater to our needs.

Event Manager Fitness Australia

I would recommend, without hesitation, the services of Jane Rowland Smith and Ovations. Jane answered a last minute call to arrange a guest speaker for our principals. Nothing was too much effort, all was arranged within hours, and went very smoothly. The guest speaker was exactly what we required and our brief was followed. Thank you Jane and the team at Ovations.

Executive Director of Schools Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

All aspects of the process has always gone seamlessly with Ovations and we will continue to seek your assistance for the awards in the coming years.

Thank you again, your help has meant that our Awards are very professional and extremely well received by our members and guests.

Executive Assistant BSCAA NSW Division

Jane, I personally want to thank you for all of your support, advice, patience and all round kindness that you have given me over the last 3 or so years.  This event would not have been as successful without the valuable MC’s you have recommended and the support you provided me when it all just seemed too hard

Shona Dilley – Smart School Awards, Department of Education
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