Shenzo's Electric Stunt Orchestra

Shenzo's Electric Stunt Orchestra is a funked up fusion of the classical and the contemporary. Combining musical virtuosity with death defying feats of theatrical athleticism, The Stunt Orchestra, is an orchestra for the 21st century.

From Vivaldi's Four Seasons to Tchaikovsky's Nut Cracker Suite to ACDC, it's like Spinal Tap meeting J.S.Bach for the first time and getting along incredibly well.

Shenzo's Electric Stunt Orchestra have quickly gained a reputation for their sensational musical compilations as well as their off the wall acts and musical stunts. Not only do they entertain through highly skilled and inventive music, but they play to their audience while suspended up to 10 metres above the ground.

Combining two art forms; orchestral music using popular 21st century instruments and circus-based rigging, the Stunt Orchestra produce daring, crowd pleasing entertainment that seeks to stun onlookers.

A visual and musical spectacle filled with energetic reinterpretations of well known orchestral music accented by highly skilled movements of choreography. These four remarkable conservatorium taught musicians combine electric instruments with the classical works of master.

Song List

• Pictures at an Exhibition - Mussorgsky
• 2001 space Oddessy - Strauss
• Nut Cracker Suite - Tchaikovsky
• Toccata and Fugue - Bach
• Flight of the bumble bee - Korsokov
• Sabre Dance - Khachaturian
• Bolero - Ravel
• Hall of the Mountain King - Greig
• Four Seasons - Vivaldi
• 1812 Overture - Tchaikovsky
• Ride of the Valkaries - Wagner
• James Bond Theme
• Devil went down to Georgia - C. Daniles
• Friday on my mind - EZY beats
• Beethoven's 5th Symphony
• The Godfather Soundtrack
• Long way to the top - ACDC
• Chariots of Fire
• Wide world of Boats (ch 7 sports)


Wow, awesome, incredible! Shenzo and his band are simply amazing! They blew all our guests away at our VIP product launch.
- Singapore Events

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