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As a food philosopher & nutritional strategist Sherry is passionately devoted to 'wholistic' nourishment. The former Victorian chair of Nutrition Australia and Melbourne head of Slow Food has spent over 25 years studying Human Nutrition, Health & Behavioural Science, food and wellness. She is a controversial thought leader and inspirational speaker in the field of Health & Wellbeing.

Invited to present at venues, such as the University of Queensland's Brain Institute, TEDxTokyo, or on television, radio and in the Wheel of Life film in Australia or overseas, she wittily reveals the shocking truth about food, its, often, detrimental impact on our body and planet. It is not only highly informative, but entertaining to listen to her philosophies on how to heal both.

She is the creator of The Secrets of the Anti-Diet and Return to Food - how going back is the way forward, which focuses on developing a healthy relationship with food, without dieting and while experiencing true pleasure and quality of life.

As an internationally recognized expert on food and its connection to wellbeing, Sherry Strong is devoted to transforming home and workplace wellness by inspiring people to take control of their own health and wellness naturally, deliciously and pleasurably.

Keynote presentations
Wake Up to Wellness -
how to go from Feeling Flat, Fat and Tired to Bounce out of Bed Feeling Fit and Fabulous, this is the talk to find out the juiciest of Sherry's philosophies, strategies and home truths that have taken her from a size 16 to a size 8, the same things that inspire her to wake up with a smile on her face everyday grateful to be able to share her discoveries with the world.

Better Body, Better Business - How to take care of your Number #1 Business Asset, Your Body to be the best expression of who you are to attract and retain clients, think more clearly, sleep less but more efficiently, resist foods that are counterproductive and never get sick.

The Truth About Food, Eating and Addiction - If you really want to know why someone as smart as you keeps eating foods they know are not good for them AND why the foods that they think are healthy are actually making them fat.

Performance Enhancing Eating - This talk identifies the key foods to increase your performance in competitive arenas, both physical and mental places of high end competition. It also identifies the foods that sabotage your performance, many of which that are promoted as healthy. Sherry will also give you resources to incorporate these into your diet effortlessly.

The Universal Recipe for Healing - there are 7 common practices people in the longest living cultures with the least amount of lifestyle diseases and greatest quality of life practice. Sherry shares these practices with along with tips and strategies that help you to incorporate them into your life.

Presentations are individually crafted and designed to assist businesses optimise workplace performance, whilst inspiring individuals within that setting to take the responsibility for personal health and wellbeing. Programs focus not only on dietary changes, but changes in thinking which impacts stress management, energy, improving quality of life through beliefs and self-talk, and energising relationships.


Thank you for delivering such an entertaining presentation....the response has been 100% positive, with comments like,"Sherry's presentation made the effort to get out of bed more worthwhile.' 'Sherry is an excellent speaker - intelligent, witty and,logical.' And 'Excellent! The presentation was motivating and entertaining!' You certainly have raised the bar."
- CPA Australia

I wish to congratulate you on your lively, entertaining and motivat-,ing presentation.. our audience particularly enjoyed your 'Canadian Call of the Wild' and your 'Stone Soup' story. your passion,was contagious.. Thank you for and awakening of the joys of good food. You gave us a wonderfully humorous and intelligent,60 minutes.
- North West Region of Business Managers

Your professionalism and commitment to providing a first class presentation made our event successful as well as enjoyable.,The participants were captivated by your lively, entertaining and motivating session.
- Orica

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