Shivani Gupta

Shivani works with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to create happy employees.

She has owned several million dollar wellness businesses and has managed large teams.

She has worked with over 100 companies and is a global speaker, author and mentor. She has spoken in 18 countries to over 200,000 people; authored 8 books and mentored over 1200 leaders.

Over the last 20 years, Shivani has read over 500 books and worked with global teachers and mentors across the globe.

She shares her wisdom so you and your company can have strategies, clarity and action around creating happy employees.

Speaking topics

Strategies that work to create happy employees

  • Mental wellness economy
  • Cost of non-retention
  • Measuring Happiness

1 Minute wellness without stress

  • Know Yourself
  • Focus on Work
  • Healthy Boundaries

Passionate conversations

  • Knowing your passions
  • Knowing team member's passions
  • Communicating to others in others passions


Fantastic speaker, since the session we have used many of the things Shivani said - quite motivational, would like to hear Shivani again.
- Ernst and Young

I thank you for the influence on leaders' lives that you are making as part of your mission to touch a billion people to become passionate. What an amazing woman you are! I calculate you may have touched through the flow-on-effects, at least 2,000 people through me.
- Poverty Monitoring Unit, Fiji

Shivani brilliantly and accurately knew exactly how to communicate effectively and to empower our volunteers to know that they can grow in self-esteem and connect to their passion.
- CEO, Heal for Life

Shivani's keynote presentation (Find Passion at Work) at our recent event was received well and impassioned all that attended our function. The presentation aligned well with the heartbeat of our organisation and so assisted us on the morning in raising PASSIONATE awareness for our cause.
- RUSH Mentoring

Shivani Gupta speaker

Speaker Video

Shivani Gupta - 5 Minutes with O

Shivani Gupta - 5 Minutes with O

Shivani Gupta - Showreel

Shivani Gupta - Showreel

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