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Siimon Reynolds doesn't just talk about business excellence, he lives it. The last business Siimon co-founded , Photon Group, grew from 2 people to 6000 in just 8 years becoming the 15th largest marketing services group in the world. He has also won over 50 business awards. Siimon has been featured on 60 Minutes, Today, Bloomberg, and in hundreds of print and radio interviews on achieving business success. Yet ironically, Reynolds is most interested in failure. He believes that it's only when we really understand the causes of failure, that we can build genuine, lasting success. After a multi year study, Siimon wrote the breakthrough book, 'Why People Fail', which became a Number One Bestseller in both the Business and Self improvement categories. In it Reynolds defined 16 fundamental causes of failure, for executives and businesses alike, and revealed the often surprising solutions to them. Siimon now personally mentors 22 CEO's from around the world to help them avoid failure and maximise their success, and delivers stunning keynote speeches on the following topics:

  • Why People Fail
  • Why Leaders Fail
  • Why Businesses Fail


Why is it that some people fail and some succeed in business? Is it just luck? In born talent? Or is there something more? In this surprising and inspiring speech, Siimon Reynolds reveals the results of his multi year research study into the causes of failure amongst executives. Reynolds shows that there are in fact 4 fundamental characteristics of highly successful people. With fascinating and spectacular true stories he illustrates how the development of these character traits virtually ensures success in any field. Reynolds concludes by explaining the fundamental shifts that executives need to make to ensure their success in today's chaotic business world. The audience leaves with a clear game plan for avoiding failure in their industry and a series of action steps that can be taken to quickly improve their effectiveness in business and indeed life.

Leaders at all levels of business currently face extraordinary levels of pressure- to manage their team effectively,to get an astronomical number of tasks done and to inspire those around them. Too often, they fail. In this enligtening speech Siimon Reynolds discusses his breakthrough research on the causes of failure of leaders in medium and large corporations. Reynolds also reveals the 8 remarkable traits of leaders who succeed way beyond the expectations of those around them. At the end of this rivetting speech, the audience will understand that failure in leadership can easily be avoided by following a simple yet potent formula for action. Reynolds presents proven ways of behaving every day that together create unstoppable momentum and positive force- for both the company and the employees the leader commands.

Siimon Reynolds has been creating and building highly successful businesses more than 23 years. In this powerful and practical speech, Reynolds explores some of the extraordinary discoveries he's made about what makes businesses work- and fail. Hard hitting, deeply researched and highly uplifting,Siimon shows that business failure is not just a matter of bad luck, and business success does not just come from fortuitous circumstance. Great businesses follow 7 key principles, that business owners cannot ignore if they desire to build a magnificent enterprise. At the conclusion of this dynamic presentation, the audience will walk away with a series of potent action steps that can revolutionise the profitability and growth speed of their company.




It was great to have an Australian presenter with such authority on their subject and the ability to relate to our audience.
- Managing Director, STAYING ON TOP.

Siimon's incisive thinking and brilliant business mind has driven him to the top of our fiercely competitive industry. His ability to communicate what he knows in simple yet powerful ways clearly makes him a leader amongst our profession.
- Member, BRW Rich 200

Siimon is a great mind and a spellbinding speaker.
- McGrath Partners Real Estate

In one hour, you successfully gave the audience a "Motivational Kick", with sensible and practical advice that they could incorporate into everyday life and improve their chances of success. Thank you for making our event such a great success.
- ConnectionX

We have received wonderful feedback from attendees and I believe there is a Siimon Reynolds fan club establishing..."
- Ballina Shire Council

We all found your stories very interesting and uplifting and I am sure everyone in the room was inspired to heed some of your advice.....
- Business Banking, NAB

You were great - I love your energy onstage, you captivated me and the attention of the audience..
- Pulman Showcase

A fluent, brilliant speech that has won great feedback. You certainly had them engaged.
- Russell Reynolds Associates

Our team was truly inspired by his speech...we have had a lot of positive feedback from attendees on the night.
- Goldwell

Could you please pass our thanks onto to Siimon who did a fantastic presentation that all of our clients found very insightful and inspiring. We received a lot of positive comments about Siimon’s presentation – his content, enthusiasm and passion. So I just wanted to say thanks and let him know we appreciated his support.
- Goldwell KMS

Siimon Reynolds speaker

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Siimon Reynolds - Why People Fail

Siimon Reynolds - Why People Fail

Siimon Reynolds - Why people fail

Siimon Reynolds - Why people fail

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