Simon Stokes

After living and working in Shanghai for 7 years up to mid-2009, Simon Stokes is an essential source for anyone needing to know how to do financial services business in China today.

As founder and Executive Director, Simon Stokes has strategically positioned ChinaAcumen to take advantage of opportunities in the current opening-up to global competition of the China financial services.

Now based in Sydney, Simon leads ChinaAcumen, an independent China market-entry consultancy. He pays frequent visits to China where he has completed significant consulting and corporate training assignments for major financial institutions including leading banks and insurance companies both in Asia and in Australasia.

From 2006 to 2010, Simon lectured part-time to EMBAs at Shanghai JiaoTong University - giving Simon access to an invaluable network of contacts covering the broad China economy. This university is one of the oldest and most influential universities in China. In 2009, Simon was appointed a faculty professor at the International Continuing Education Centre at Shanghai JiaoTong University.

Prior to arriving in Asia in 2001, Simon spent over 20 years in the Australian financial services industry in the roles of securities dealer (Stokes & Company) and industry consultant (XenTec Pty Ltd). Simon Stokes is a keynote speaker at financial services forums in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore and a contributor to retail financial services media.

Specialties:China. Australia. Ireland. Marketing in China. Positioning-Pricing. Entering China. Setting up in China. Growing in China. China Financial Services. Funds Management. Banking. Insurance. Investment. QDII. China Pensions-Superannuation. Education. Training. Public Speaking. China Networking-Connections. Global Economy. GDP Growth. Currency-Share-Commodity Markets. World Trade. Demographics. Climate Change. Agriculture. Politics. FDI. Cultural Barriers. Future Trends-Scenarios. Managing Change

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