Soul Mystique

Breathtaking is the word of renowned International Dance Quick Change Artistes Gavin Skinner & Lydia Lim.  This celebrated Australian duo, also known as Soul Mystique is the only act in the world performing the two art forms of Professional Dance-Sport with Magical Costume Transformations.

Their stunning performances have captivated and flabbergasted audiences all over the globe, in over 60 countries, from television, live theatre, to high profile corporate events. 

Soul Mystique never fails to amaze, mystify, & entertain their audiences wherever they go.  Their unique performances offer a breathtaking procession of extraordinary magical costume transformations combined with the stunning spectacle of ballroom DanceSport. You will not believe your eyes as you witness a pirouette become a kaleidoscope of frills then thrills of illusion, as exquisite & intricate costumes disappear in a blink of an eye. They are international DanceSport professionals & masters of the rare & illusive magic of Quick Change. Also known as proteanism or meta-morphing, Quick Change is a jaw dropping spectacle where costumes are changed at lightening speed, leaving no trace of how, when, & where each set of clothes disappears. Due to its complexity it is one of the most impressive illusions known to theatre. Across the ages only a handful of dedicated artists have perfected this mind-boggling craft. Those fortunate enough to experience the internationally acclaimed performances of Soul Mystique will witness the pinnacle of theatrical illusion. You'll be entranced from the first exhilirating moment & still be smiling days & weeks.

Soul Mystique were recently voted The Australian Event Awards Entertainer of the Year - Finalist.

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