Dr Stefan Hajkowicz is a senior principal scientist working in the field of strategic foresight at CSIRO. Stefan leads the Data61 Insight Team which is a group of researchers and consultants helping organizations navigate digital disruption. Stefan’s research and consulting work helps companies, governments and communities explore plausible futures and make wise strategic choices.

Stefan is a world leading scholar in the field of decision theory and has published seminal works on the use multi-objective decision support. His research has contrasted structured versus intuitive approaches to decision making. His decision models have guided investments worth hundreds of millions of dollars and have been used by Australia’s State and Federal Governments to make critical policy choices.

Stefan is widely published in the international research literature and his most recent book titled “Global Megatrends” is available through CSIRO Publishing. Stefan has a doctorate in geography from the University of Queensland and postgraduate qualifications in economics from the University of New England. He is a current and recent member of the OECD and World Economic Forum global strategic foresight communities.

Presentation Topics
1. Global megatrends (30-60 minutes)
In this talk Stefan tells an entertaining, informative and engaging narrative about the future of the world (with a focus on Australia) over coming decades told through the lens of six megatrends - major shifts in our social, economic and  environmental context.
2. Technology change (20-45 minutes)  In this presentation Stefan takes the audience on an informative and fascinating journey through 10 technologies that will profoundly change the way they live, work and play. The list includes 3D printing, smart materials, autonomous systems (robots), regenerative medicine and more.
3. The Future of Australian Sport (30-45 minutes) Stefan has recently completed a foresight research project for the Australian Sports Commission. In this presentation he explores six megatrends that will reshape the Australian sporting sector including the rise of extreme/adventure sports and the continued growth of the health and fitness sector.
4. Choosing wisely (20-40 minutes) This presentation explores how individuals, groups and organisations do (and should) make decisions. It examines the relative strengths and weaknesses of both analytical and intuitive (gut feel) approaches to decision making.
5. Food and agriculture (20-40 minutes) Through this presentation Stefan examines world food supply and demand forces and prospects for the agrifood sector.
6. Manufacturing futures (20-40 minutes) This presentation looks into trends that are shaping the Australian and global manufacturing sector.
7. Environmental economics and sustainability(20-40 minutes)  This presentation explores underlying concepts and recent thinking in the sustainability domain. Do economists know the price of everything and the value of nothing? Or is economics here to save us?
8. World Economic and Geopolitical Change (20 ? 40 Minutes) The global economy is shifting West to East and North to South. This is creating a new geopolitical landscape.
9. Other issues relating to organisational strategy, current affairs, economics and geography Stefan is happy to respond to requests to talk about an idea or issue connected to his fields of expertise.

Presentation Formats
Stefan is happy to design a presentation to suit the needs of your event. He speaks with and without PowerPoint slides and handles a variety of events.
1. Conference keynotes The thought starter at a major conference often with over 50 to 500 people (or more) present in the audience. A main presentation followed by a brief Q&A session.
2. Workshops and seminars These groups often have 20 to 40 persons present over a couple of days and involve interactive activities for the participants. Stefan is often used to provide a thought starter, set the scene or provide a conclusion and wrap up session.
3. Boardroom briefing A short or long session with a group (eg 10 to 20 people) about a particular topic or issue. Sometimes part of a strategy or risk session. Also a briefing on a topic.
4. Dinner and lunch talks At these events the focus is on entertainment, amusement and information content. They are a great way to liven up a conference, get people engaged and start the thinking.
5. Panel discussions Stefan works well with a co-host and other panellists to discuss important and interesting issues. Often audience engagement and Q&A is an important part of these events.


Thank you for making our recent event in Brisbane such a success.
- Australian Government, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Stefan rated as our top speaker for the conference with a rating of 4.65/5. The buzz after he presented was fantastic and made for great conversations at our cocktail event. Such an interesting topic.
- Russell Investment Group Pty Ltd

Stefan Hajkowicz speaker

Speaker Video

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