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 Few economists have both the global and local experience of Stephen Koukoulas. He is an economic thought leader in his role with his business, Market Economics. Stephen often driving the debate on housing, consumer spending, investment strategies, interest rates and budget policy. He does this by drawing on his unique background including his experience heading global research for TD in London, being Chief Economist of Citibank and a Senior Economic Advisor to the Australian Prime Minister.

When it comes to the economy, Stephen continues to cover most of the big issues.

Stephen is the go-to economist for many businesses, investors, fund managers and the media. His views and analysis are presented without fear or favour which is why he is such a sought after speaker.

As a speaker Stephen has been called upon to discuss the economy with audiences as diverse as the corporate world to school students - an affirmation of his ability to turn complex economic analysis into terms mere mortals can understand.

Speaking topics

The Kouk's Influencers

Economics matters. Understanding where the economy is and where it is going will drive profits, investment decisions and employment opportunities.

This is why the weekly run of economic news is so important. Keeping up to date with these trends, what they mean for interest rates, the Australian dollar and financial markets is the key to staying ahead of the pack. It is also where policy issues are so important. And this is not just interest rates, but what the government does on tax, spending and changes to rules and regulations.

And of course, the critical thing is what to do about this news, how it might impact your business, your clients and your personal finances.

The Housing Market

Housing – what is more important and topical for Australian consumers, investors and policy makers alike. And right now, house prices are falling, eating away at household wealth, risking a period of economic weakness in the year ahead. What’s more, housing construction is on the cusp of a slump, driven by a credit crunch and a free-fall in investor demand. What will drive the housing market over the next few years?

  • House prices are falling – Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are all experiencing falls
  • How long will it last and where is the bottom?
  • What of new housing supply versus new demand?
  • Do householders have so much debt that future borrowing will be limited?
  • RBA interest rates – what are the effects if they move up or down?
  • How are major City Councils and Regional Councils dealing with the housing market?
  • Is there a crisis?
  • When should I buy? Owner-occupiers versus investors.

The Cautious Consumer and the Retail Crunch

Household spending accounts for over half of the economy – it is an important driver of whether times are good or bad. We consumers are able to shop around and with some significant global retailers ramping up their Australian operations, local retailers are under pressure to compete. Even more important, consumers are limiting new spending because wages growth is weak, household debt is high and wealth is being eroded by house price and stock market weakness.

  • Retail spending is weak – consumers are holding back their spending
  • Consumers are in trouble with low wages growth, record debt levels, low savings and a sharp loss of wealth as house prices and the stock market falls
  • How long will the consumer slump last?
  • What is needed to see a turnaround?
  • How should retailers react to what are likely to be tough times in 2019?
  • What of the role of new international entrants to the retail space?

Boosting Financial Security for All Australian Women

Stephen delivered a White Paper to the Government outlining the issues associated with the financial security for women. You can read the document here: Boosting Economic Security for All Women

Stephen has presented his paper to a Parliamentary Committee and will continue to advise the government on gender inequality and women’s financial security issues.

This very topical and relevant subject matter makes for a perfect additional Keynote Topic for Stephen in 2019.

Stephen covered the following in the White Paper:

  • The gender Pay Gap
  • Superannuation Gap
  • Child Care Access
  • Workforce Participation
  • Access to Education
  • What can be done at a government level to address these issues?
  • What can your business do to be a leader in this vital issue of equity?
  • What are other companies doing to detail with economic and financial security for women?


The response was very positive. Stephen was able to communicate what is quite technical, to [become] an engaging and informative discussion.
Learning & Development Manager, Strata Community Association

Not only is Stephen a truly remarkable speaker to work with, he captivates a room with his presence, especially on a topic that can be quite dry, he has the audience wanting more. The attendees loved him!
Events Executive – UDIA QLD

Stephen presented on what can be very technical, dry themes in a highly engaging manner that resonated with a broad audience. A number of our attendees said it was the best presentation they had seen from an Economist on the current market.
Amy Watson - Grant Thornton

Stephen was a hit again and the attendees seemed to really appreciate his information sharing and wealth of knowledge. The way Stephen communicates with the audience using humour is really well received!
Rockwell Automation

One of the most articulate economists in Australia.
Alan Kohler, Author and ABC TV journalist

One of Australia's most influential economists.
The Australian Financial Review

The Prime Minister's Office has placed a premium on economic and policy advice recruiting high-profile market economist, Stephen Koukoulas.
The Australian Financial Review.

I've only heard great things about your presentation at the breakfast – so thank you. Clients and staff all raved about you – how engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining you were. You made the content come alive.
Head of communication – Randstad

The feedback from the participants has been fantastic.  You really make a serious subject interesting and engaging!
HR, Wesfarmers Insurance

Stephen has a way of making economics fun and relevant – 10/10

As I go around and speak to the economists, I can't help but be drawn to Mr Koukoulas, who is well known to those on the other side of the House
Treasurer of Australia, Liberal Party of Australia

Stephen Koukoulas speaker

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China and the Economy

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