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After finishing a film shoot on Whidby Island, Stephen Lundin and co-filmmaker John Christensen, decided to see the sights of downtown Seattle. So it was by chance that a film maker and writer stumbled upon the most wholehearted and energetic workplace they had ever experienced: The now World Famous Pike Place Fish Market. Two best-selling films and four bestselling books (titled Fish! of course) later, it has become clear how deeply the world longed for a guiding image of a workplace that nourished life.  A place where fun, joy, vitality, productivity and incredible teamwork drive out stress, boredom, toxic energy and burnout.

Stephen Lundin, Ph.D., the bestselling author of the FISH! series of books, with over 7 million copies in print worldwide, has an inventory of work experience ranging from dishwasher to think tank executive; teacher to business school dean; golf caddy to camp director; and small business owner to national sales manager.

Today, Steve Lundin spends his time writing, speaking and more recently, working as a visiting professor at Griffith University. He has taken his powerful messages about FISH, Top Performer, and Innovation to audiences in 40+ countries and thousands of organizations. By sharing his powerful, personal and authentic message, Stephen Lundin strives to awaken his audiences to the amazing possibilities that already exist in every workplace, every home and every life.

And to the collection of animals Steve has added CATS: The Nine Lives of Innovation. Already a best seller in Australia, CATS takes the position that organizations don't innovate, people do. The idea is simple.  All of us have the capacity to innovate so if you want to have a more innovative organization, develop more innovative employees. The curriculum for this personal development is The Nine Lives of Innovation.

Steve believes the majority of writing in the field of innovation upside down.  While the preponderance of articles and books relish words like strategy and systems and look down from above, the real work happens at a personal level.  The Nine Lives provide capture the principles that must be understood by anyone who has a brain and want to use it for innovation.  CATS also provide an organizational structure for the often messy universe of personal innovation techniques and inspiration to get engaged in learning the principles that can bring vitality and success to life.

Steve published a book with Carr Hagerman, a professional street performer, which explored the unique skills of the best performers.  In the book Top Performer: A Bold Approach to Sales and Service, they presented a whole new language from the street containing a richness and usefulness for anyone who needs a source of energy for their work.  Top Performer became the core of customer service training for two of the world's largest service organizations.

Steve partnered with Mike Chaet to write a book for small business owners and managers titled, Loops: The Seven Keys to Small Business Success. Loops is based on the experiences Steve and Mike had in running their own small businesses and in consulting with small business clients.

The next book to be published will be Ubuntu: An Inspiring Story of the African Tradition of Collaboration and Teamwork.  About Ubuntu Steve says, "It is my hope that civility and humanity can return to the workplace, the very place we spend most of our life, and that this ancient African tradition can guide the way."


FISH! A Remarkable Way To Boost Morale And Improve Results

Discover in depth the four guiding principles of FISH! - Play, Make Their Day, Be There and Choose Your Attitude.

CATS - The Nine Lives of Innovation
We have all heard that curiosity killed a cat. Have you ever seen a cat killed by curiosity? How often do you think it actually happens? By dogs and trucks, yes? but curiosity? Stephen believes sayings like this one are born out of fear, not experience. He believes the origin of the statement, 'curiosity killed a cat' is to create fear in others, to prevent change and all sorts of other weird and discomforting new ideas. What if curiosity was in fact the key to creativity? The Nine Lives of Innovation provides a basic structure and ingredients to encourage curiosity and promote innovation.  CATS is a best seller in Australia!

Top Performer: Finding The Energy You Need To Be Your Best
We all sell something for a living -- whether it's a brand, a vision, an education, a direction, or a service. We might even be selling a set of numbers to a board meeting, learning to a student, or cereal to an infant. This eye-opening parable is about harnessing natural energy -- yours and that of those around you -- in order to take your sales, and your satisfaction to the next level of success.

Top Performing Fish!
If you found FISH a helpful metaphor for improving the quality of life at work and thus positively impacting recruitment, retention and productivity; you will find that Top Performer seamlessly connects with the FISH! Philosophy while introducing a unique and useful set of ideas.The FISH! Philosophy provides an important cultural base while Top Performer supplies the action. It also explores the most powerful resource available to any manager, anywhere in the world. Natural energy. This enjoyable, highly engaging and interactive half-day seminar will be light on theory and heavy on practical ideas and useful insights that can immediately lead to action. Join us for the Premier of Top Performing FISH!, a seminar that integrates the very best from two great concepts


We received rave reviews about your presentation. You are a first class act, and you delivered beyond our expectation. Thank you for making this convention one to remember.
- Independent Insurance Agents

These seminars were an wonderful success on all the dimensions of success that one wishes to use. The most important ingredient was you and thank you so much for making it work for AIM and our audiences. You really made an impact.
- Australian Institute of Management

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Stephen Lundin - Top performing FISH

Stephen Lundin - Top performing FISH

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Stephen Lundin - Leadernomics

Stephen Lundin

Stephen Lundin

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