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Stevan is one of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs. In 1997, in the middle of the GFC he conceptualised Dimmi on the back of a napkin and went on to revolutionise the Aussie restaurant industry. In 2015, his startup was acquired by one of the great tech businesses of our time, TripAdvisor.

On the tin, Dimmi is the perfect text book start-up story - started in a garage, ran out of money, took on the big Goliath, won the battle, sold to a tech darling. But the true story is one of grit, passion and a true entrepreneurial spirit to make a dent in the world.

Stevan’s inspiring story is a raw & honest insight into the life of a start-up, how a small team can achieve remarkable things, how to crystalise your purpose, how to take on the big boys and win, how to embrace innovation & disruption and how to an inspired culture can make anything possible.

He is an entrepreneur, a passionate tech investor, sits on the board of a couple of disruptive Aussie start-ups and strongly believes that the world (and our businesses) would be in a better place if we all acted a bit more like founders and a bit less like CEO’s.

He believes that life's short and that we should do stuff that we love and stuff that makes a difference.

Accolades include:

  • Taking Dimmi from napkin to a bluechip exit (2015)
  • Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Asia (2014)
  • Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Australia (2014)
  • BRW Top 100 (2014)
  • Anthill Best 30 under 30 (2010)
  • London Hospitality Young Marketeer of the Year (2007)

He is an engaging & high impact speaker who leaves the audience wanting to achieve more - more in their role, more for their company and more in their personal lives. He’s anything is possible approach to business combined with the fairytale dimmi success story will inspire people to rethink, reconsider and strive for more.

Presentation Topics

The Dimmi Journey

Behind the scenes of an Aussie start-up

Stevan provides a rare insight into the strategies & philosophies of one of the countries leading tech start-ups to inspire other businesses to be more start-up, more nimble, more honest & more determined:

  • Innovation & disruption - how to embrace change and drive innovation across your organisation
  • Purpose - how to crystallise a purpose that will transform your business and inspire your entire organisation. Stevan shares how this proved to be the single most important thing we ever did and how this helped inspire the team to achieve great things.
  • The Founder Way - the founder techniques that he believes will make every person, business & city better
  • Death by complacency - Why complacency is your biggest competitor, how it will destroy you and how to avoid it, at all costs
  • Beating the competition - hear the tricks & techniques used by a little aussie start-up to outmanouver an international goliath.
  • Culture creation - how a culture built on grit, determination & a passion to make a difference became the key ingredients in Dimmi’s journey.
  • Startup challenges - how to take an idea from concept to reality, how to overcome obstacle, how to raise capital, how to establish a great board of directors & how to win, even without the dollars.

Thinking more like a founder & less like a CEO/employee can transform your business

Tech founders are changing the world and changing the way we do business. Here Stevan provides a rare & powerful insight into how we can all create more innovative, visionary and dynamic companies by thinking more like a founder and less like a CEO/employee/manager. Tricks that all corporates can learn from the innovative, forward thinking and disruptive tech industry that will transform your business & your way of thinking.

Embracing disruption, innovation & change

During a time of rapid transformation, digitisation & change, there is no business that can stay still. Stevan shares critical insights to help you survive & thrive in a digital, ever changing world. He shares his secrets on how Dimmi went about disrupting & digitising one of the oldest school industries there is & how innovation became integral in winning customers & beating the global competition.

Other speaking topics / passions:

  • Entrepreneurship & start-up
  • Technology, Digital Disruption & Innovation
  • Motivational - grit, determination and a passion to make a difference
  • Business, marketing & Technology
  • The founder journey from napkin to reality and everything in between. What I learnt, what I regret and what I would never do again!
  • The survival guide to get through the start-up years or any period of great change & disruption: Startup reality, the brutal reality of start-up. Brace yourselves, it's not what it seems! 5 survival tips (that you will never read in a text book) to get through the start-up years
  • Capital raising: 37 rejections, but then 5 from 5 to raise $15m, how to become more savvy with your pitches. Learn what the investor wants.
  • Creating industry best boards and mentors: how to create one of the best pedigree boards in the country (Dimmi’s board members include the bosses of LinkedIn and Google).
  • Beating the competition - How the little Aussie start-up dimmi took on the $2.6bn OpenTable gorilla and won the battle
  • The critical ingredients for success in a start-up world of obstacles, nay sayers and continual challenges


He is one of the most focused and determined entrepreneurs I have ever met and he seems to excel at everything he sets his mind to.
- Managing Director, LinkedIn Australia

Stevan Premutico speaker

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Stevan Premutico Speaker Showreel

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